A Blessing for the Brave and Tender by Molly Remer

Calling in the Morrigan by Teresa Hess

Call for Submissions - Re-Membering with Goddess: Healing the Patriarchal Perpetuation of Trauma

Warrior Queen Table of Contents

How Do You Experience Eros? by Kay Turner.

Casting the Circle of The Great Queen by Nikki Wardwell Sleath

How to Make a GladiatHER by Bek Paroz

Painted In Blood & Woad by Phoenix Angelis

Call for Submissions - In Defiance of Oppression – The Legacy of Boudicca

When the Warrior Doesn’t Win by Barbara Whiterose Marie McSweeney PhD

Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan - Preface by Joey Morris

Call for Submissions - Lotus Heart: The Compassion of Kuan Yin