Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Calling in the Morrigan by Teresa Hess


Painting by Laura Cameron

This Morrigan, is another kind of Lover. She is wise and deep, she is frightening and powerful.

She will scream through you, as she is screaming through me.

She is a crone, a shapeshifter, a magician, a dark goddess, a warrior, a reaper.

She is Nature. She is Change. She is Death. She is Wild. She isn't clean or pretty or predictable.

She isn't happy. She isn't Joy. She isn't soft and nurturing. Her nurturing is brutal.

Screaming, crying, howling, destroying---

Lose it all to her! With her dark kiss and penetrating glare.

She will call you into your wider, deeper self over and over again in the most crass and honest, howling ways.

You will wail. You will be stripped. This will all be taken away from you.

All of it!

You will be barren, empty. You will be naked and decayed, destroyed, a pile of bones, and then nothing.

She will howl through like the wind and blow you and all you know away, and you must bow to her and thank her and make her offerings of gratitude.

For without her, nothing comes about. Without her, there is no change, no growth, no evolution.

Without her, the shells won't crack. The seeds won’t grow.

Without destruction there is no creation and there is no creation without her destruction.

She is wind, she is fire, she is storm, she is death, she is out of your control.

Can you dance with her? Can you let her in?

Can you kiss her? And be consumed by her and feed off her wisdom?

She is screaming for you to look at her, acknowledge her, be whole by uniting with her too, with your own emptiness, with your own grief.

Howl, shrivel, turn to ash, vacate, die--so that you may truly Live.

With the wisdom and the knowing and the depth and the darkness and the wholeness the Dark Goddess brings.

Call in the Morrigan. Dance with Her. Surrender.

An excerpt from our upcoming anthology, Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan.

Teresa Hess lives on an island in the Salish Sea with her husband and three daughters, where they live an unschooling life together. Teresa loves to play with her kids, be outside, swim in the Puget Sound, dance her heart out, write about her internal process, learn from her emotions, act, sing, laugh, breathe, make delicious food, and watch shows with her family. More of her writing can be found on her blog, or on Instagram @sparkleandzest.

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