Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Love of Isis Restores by Hazel DaHealer

Illustration by Arna Baartz from My Name is Isis

Isis represents restorative love. Her love was lost to death yet restored to life. The journey Isis took to restore life to her much-loved Osiris was not a beautiful journey along scenic paths. If we look at the symbolism of her hair being cut and her robes being torn to shreds as she searches for the fourteen pieces of the body of Osiris, we see she is going forth not as a Queen but as someone who is worn down and not at her best.

It's through the process of restoring life that Isis resumes her name as Au Set which roughly translates into ‘exceeding Queen.’ Her legend presents her wings as protective. Isis is most often depicted with the Ankh which is the ancient symbol of life. She is the bringer of life that was once thought to be lost.

Life during the COVID19 pandemic offers us a chance to revisit Isis and let her story restore our path through the chaos to a place of sovereignty. A lesson we can adapt to our journey is that first we must grieve. We grieve the lives lost to the disease and the lifestyles we lost during this part of our journey. Many of us are privileged to find our main complaints at this time to be the inability to physically gather with our loved ones and the inability to travel unrestricted. We suffer the sadness and stress that comes from not being able to maintain our hair to our usual standards.

Once we realize we are in mourning we can begin our search for wholeness. We can miss the physical contact, but we have the ability to gather via electronic means such as Zoom. We also begin to realize that the external definition of beauty we took on is no longer valid. We see the beauty of the grey blossoming from our untreated hair. We are no longer busy so now our focus shifts to those in our household and those who are our loves.

When we take a look at ourselves and realize we have the ability to reassemble our lives around those we love – and the lifestyle we desire born of our new focus – it is then that we are wrapped in the protective wings of Isis. The new life we bring from the disruption and mourning is like Horus who was conceived through the reassembled parts of Osiris.

Our challenge today is to search out the missing pieces of our lives and reassemble them in a way that restores our lives. Through this restoration our love of people, places, events, and objects takes on new facets. It's this new life born from loss that makes us stronger. We grow because we somehow sought out what we have lost and recrafted a better way. May Isis restore the love and a more sustainable life to you, your loved ones, and the world that we share! Walk in strength and beauty as the Lady of Ten Thousand names.

Blessed BE!

An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Hazel DaHealer lives surrounded by family in the beautiful state of South Carolina. She has contributed to Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith Reclaiming Ourselves and Inanna's Ascent: Reclaiming Female Power. Her chosen career helps restore order to the chaos life brings for many. Hazel is embracing her inner Isis as she restores her own life to a more Queenly state of being. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Reflection on an Egyptian Goddess by Sharon Smith

Art by Arna Baartz

Auset, I know your pain.
You lost your Love too…
It changes you, doesn’t it?
Here today, gone tomorrow…
Life becomes a dark, shadowed land
and you wander it aimlessly
wanting only to embrace once again
what you have lost.
You know the road of which I speak:
You traveled it across the desert spaces of Egypt yourself
in search of your lost Love.
You found him only to lose him a second time.
I don’t envy you that double loss:
once was more than enough for me.
But Love was born of that hallowed space after your losses.
And Love was born from the dark space after my own loss.
Your Love manifested in Horus;
mine in learning to love myself.
But both were acts of Defiance,
of Sovereignty:
Yours toward Set, who robbed you of your Love;
mine toward the Patriarchy,
which robbed me of my Self.
We both stood our ground, didn’t we?
We refused to bend, to break,
to give up, to give in…
We both are Dangerous Women
to the men who want to define and control us,
to strip us of our rightful places and our power.
You taught me this:
That the struggle is not a sign of weakness,
but an opportunity to cultivate Courage and Strength,
to rise above it all
and reclaim what is ours.
You showed me, Dear Auset,
that loss does not have to end us:
It can begin us.
And you reminded me
that Goddesses are not seated in exalted heavenly places:
They walk among us,
because they ARE us.

Poem from the upcoming anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Sharon Smith is a writer, ghost writer, editor, and proofreader with a passion for helping women reconnect with their Authentic Selves and Voices. She loves & honors the Great Mother in all Her many forms, and has a deep connection to Nature. She identifies as a Green Witch and follows an eclectic spiritual path that is a blending of Native American and Celtic Teachings, both in her ancestral line.

Friday, July 3, 2020

What the Throne, Altar and Womb of the Goddess Isis Represent by Krystal Alexander-Hille

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

If you have picked up this book, it may be because you feel a strong connection to Isis, you may even believe you were her in a previous or alternate existence. However, there is one, and only one, reason why you are on this planet right now. Therefore, there is one and only one reason why you have bought this book, one and only one reason why you are reading this chapter: you have a deep question yearning to be answered. But often our patterns make us blind and deaf to the answers. My intention is that this chapter will unlock something for you to bring you closer to your true self.

When I asked, “what is mine to share in this anthology?”, I was shown the stile, or hieroglyph of the headpiece of Isis: the throne of the sovereign queen, the altar of the high priestess, and the womb of pure magical birthing power. I will take you on a journey to reclaim them all.

We all embody Isis, because her essence lives in the collective unconscious of us all, and it is there for everyone to tap into, be it Isis the Goddess, Isis the Queen, Isis the High Priestess, Isis the Mother, or Isis the woman. But who was she, and what does she represent today?

I am sure my other sisters in this anthology will refer to the main mythology of the Egyptian Pantheon, that Isis was the daughter of the Earth God, Geb, and the Sky Goddess, Nut, sister and wife to the then king of Egypt, Osiris, as well as sister of Seth and Nephthys. How, when Seth cut Osiris into many pieces and scattered his body across the country, Isis transformed into a bird, gathered the pieces, and with her magical powers put them back together, all but for the penis, which she could not find. Despite that, she replaced his penis with one of pure gold, and then, through her magical powers, conceive her son, Horus. And of how, when the temples of Isis were turned into Christian Churches around 540 AD, the story of Isis nursing Horus was transmuted into the story of the Virgin Mary nursing Jesus.

But there is another less-known story, one that tells the tale from the perspective of the star races, in which the soul of Isis comes from the ninth-dimensional Hathor consciousness. In distant ancient Egyptian times, this soul incarnated into the body of an Annunaki woman; the Annunaki being giant hybrid Sirian/Reptilian (Dracos) inhabitants of a planet that orbits the second sun, Nibiru, in our solar system. At that time, the Annunaki had colonised earth primarily to mine gold, but when their lower-class workers rebelled around 400,000BC, the Annunaki genetically engineered a replacement slave race – humans. I know, a very different story to that of the Bible!

The name Isis, or “Aset”, derived from the ancient Egyptian word for ‘throne’. Thus, Isis is often depicted with the stile or hieroglyph of the throne on her head. She is later depicted with the sun-disk held in cow’s horns, the sun-disk symbolising the sun consciousness of Ra, and the cow horns relating directly to the star constellation of the Pleiades. She is either represented as a woman in a sheath dress, or with the wings of a goddess. These wings are the symbol of Nibiru, the second sun or ‘winged destroyer’ that triggers regular pole shifts with its return and is seen above many entrances of Egyptian Temples. It reminds us of Isis’ connection of Isis to that second sun.

An excerpt from a extensive essay by Krystal Alexander-Hille entitled, ''The Birthing and Rebirthing of Humanity'' in our upcoming anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Krystal Alexander-Hille is an international tantra teacher, spiritual mentor and galactic embodiment coach. She works with conscious leaders, business people and healers to explore their erotic energy and connect it with their multi-dimensional Self, so that they can embody and expand their essence and magnetic power to create more meaningful connections, deeper intimacy and greater financial abundance from a place of embodied sovereignty, flow and joy.

Aware of her galactic origins, Krystal comes from a soul lineage of ancient high priestesses, embodying divine feminine codes. She is the founder of Goddess Reawakening and the Temple of Conscious Eroticism, offers initiation journeys to Egypt & Mexico, facilitates tantric in-person and online workshops, and is particularly proud of her latest creation: The Temple of Galactic Embodiment, a membership platform for conscious leaders, birthing a new era.

Krystal holds a BA in English Literature & Theatre, a diploma in Life Coaching and TimeLine Therapy and is a certified Tantra Teacher and Reiki Master. With 30 years in leadership and personal development, over the past 12 years, Krystal has contributed her wisdom to numerous international summits and podcasts, and is the author of 'She Who Would Be Queen', 'In the Womb of the Goddess', and contributing author to 'Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves', with two other book contributions to be released later in 2020.

Originally from Germany, Krystal lives with her young family in county Victoria, Australia. You can connect with her here: https://krystalalexanderhille.com or email krystal@goddessreawakening.com

Thursday, June 25, 2020

I am Isis by Kat Shaw

I am Isis.
Creator, Mother, Healer.
The wisdom of the entire universe.
Proud, Independent. Powerful.
Dignified and elegant.
Goddess of life.
Goddess of fertility.
Goddess of motherhood.
Protector of women and children.
Giver of life.
Queen of the throne.
I am pure magic.

Poem and art from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Kat Shaw prides herself on breaking through the stereotypical views of beauty that have been cast upon society by the media, having made her name painting the glorious reality that is a woman’s body.  

Her nude studies of real women garnered unprecedented popularity within only a few short months, as women were crying out for themselves to be portrayed in art, rather than the airbrushed images of the perfection of the female form that are so rife in today’s culture.

After graduating with a fine art degree, Kat achieved a successful full-time teaching career for 14 years, and continues to teach art part-time whilst passionately pursuing her mission of world domination by empowering as many women as possible to reach their fullest potential by embracing their bodies and loving themselves wholeheartedly. 

Kat spreads her inspirational magic through her artwork, her Wellbeing business “Fabulously Imperfect”, and her dedication to Goddess energy.

Reiki is a huge part of her life, and as a Reiki Master, Kat is committed to sharing Reiki, teaching Usui, Angelic and Karuna Reiki, and channelling Reiki energy through her artwork to uplift and heal.

As a Sister of Avalon, Kat also works directly with her Goddess consciousness, connecting to Goddess and Priestess energy and translating it into Divine Feminine infused paintings to inspire women and spread Goddess love. 

Kat is also mum to a gorgeous teenage daughter, a bellydancer and an avid pioneer to improve the lives of rescue animals.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Re-Membering Our Sovereign Divinity by Duann Kier

Most of us know the rest of the more traditional story of Isis and Osiris—how their brother Set dis-membered Osiris and disseminated his pieces throughout Egypt and how their sister Nephthys helped Isis find the pieces for Isis to re-member them and resurrect Osiris. We may not, however, be as familiar with how this played out in “reality” in more modern-day Egypt. 

The Temple of Isis near Aswan was originally located on the high rocky island of Philae in the middle of the Nile in Southern Egypt.  During the reign of the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian, the temple was converted into a Christian church and all the “pagan” artifacts were defaced. Later, with the completion of the Aswan Lower Dam project in 1899, the Nile began periodically flooding the temple. Before completing the Aswan High Dam in 1970, the main temple complex was dis-membered and re-membered once again on the even higher island of Agilika, just northwest of Philae. 

In essence, the Temple of Isis was resurrected from its watery depth in the underworld. 

And this is where I find my own sovereignty—going deep into the emotional depths of my own underworld and coming to terms with myself to make different choices than my mother and the women before me. 

In my story, Isis gives away her healing magic to a god who not only does not appreciate her service, but actually resents her gifts. She finally rebels when he goes for her heart. Through the loving wings of Isis, I have learned to rebel and not serve a similar god, no matter what religion he represents. 

After Set dis-members the man she loves, Isis resurrects Osiris by helping him re-member his scattered pieces, but he still must descend into the underworld. Through the loving wings of Isis, I have learned I can hold sacred space for the men I love if they are willing to work toward wholeness, but it is not my responsibility to do their emotional work for them. 

Nephthys, the sister of Isis, wept uncontrollably with her over the death and dismemberment of their brother Osiris by their brother Set. Through the loving wings of Isis, I have learned that it is my sisters who will sit and weep with me when I am grieving loss, whether that be of someone I love or the loss of myself in the processing of loving someone. And as sisters, we can mourn the violence that men inflict upon men, and women as well, because they have not descended deep enough into their own emotional underworld to face the darkness inside them and around them. It is a job that all of us must do for ourselves, but it seems women are more willing to do their emotional work because of their familiarity with the darkness of the womb from which all new life springs. 

The priestesses at the Temple of Philae must have mourned deeply the loss of their beloved Goddess Isis to the encroaching Christian religion. And I am sure it was especially disheartening to watch as the church usurped the statues of Isis holding her infant Horus and perverted them into Mary holding the infant Jesus.

Through the loving wings of Isis, I now know she is resurrecting those same priestesses today, just as she resurrected the temple in which they served her. And she calls not for our worship of her, but our embodiment of her. The days of worship are over. The old gods do not deserve it, and as the embodiments of the Goddess herself, we no longer bow to anyone.

An excerpt from a longer essay by Duann Kier in the upcoming Girl God Anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Duann Kier is a psychic channeler, hypnotist, ordained minister, spiritual teacher and performer of sacred ceremonies. Her most recent book is Return of the Divine Feminine, Rise of the Divine Masculine: And the Men Who Are Calling for Her Return. She is a former Christian fundamentalist with a Master of Religious Education degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and is also the author of Fundamen-Talisman: Resurrecting the Fundamentals of Relationship from the Fundamentalism of Religion. It has been referred to as a handbook for recovering Christian fundamentalists. Duann lives in rural central Mississippi and created the website www.MetaphysicalMississippi.com to help with the great spiritual awakening going on in the state. You can find out more about her and her work at www.DuannKier.com. Her life and work motto is, “lightening up enlightenment!”

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Sight of Isis by Nuit Moore

Isis Mask by Lauren Raine

I harvest breath, gallows’ gold,
phosphorescence dusky glow,
a potion of transformation.

The eyes of Isis,
the Veil of the Black Isis
is lifted by this initiation.
Her eyes button the forest floor
and hold the keys to nevermore.

I take her eyes into my mouth.
Light as a moth and salted earth
dissolves as the veil ascends
the sacred dance of Isis begins.
Multifaceted ultraviolet depths to delight,
the velvet folding veils of the night
beaming through my eyes.

The dance is made of mystery,
cyclic reverb of dark and light,
the mystic flight of Isis over many lands.

Her eyes glow and seethe with pleasure-
Her eyes indeed do measure
the weight of the soul.
The secret to that skill
shall never be told.
My eyes breathe with the sight of Isis.
Her eyes dissolve through me,
my blood is regal psychedelic gold.
I silently glide through the mossy veils,
as I spot her silver moon boat here,
there- through sliver of sky sight.
Nymph footed fleeting slide through the shady vale.
Her great luminous lunar eye
at my back, my mouth, my sides.
Her breathing parts my veil
and prophecies twine
about the buzzing threads of my hair.

Towards dawn her breath will depart,
moving from this place to another.

Another night I will consume again
the psychic eyes of my mother.

A poem from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Nuit Moore is a witch and priestess whose work and temple serve the Goddess and Her return to the collective consciousness, focusing especially on the empowerment of women, the return of the Goddess temple, and the potent medicine of her path and teachings. Although she comes from mystic traditions from both sides of her bloodline, she began her personal path as priestess in the Dianic and Wise Woman traditions, and is also an ordained priestess with the Fellowship of Isis. Nuit has offered classes and ceremony on female wicce, women’s rites/rights, the harvest mysteries, trance arts, wise woman ways, serpent/shakti power, ceremonial movement and sound, liminal magick and ritual theater, etc for over 25 years, and travels frequently bringing temple and ceremony to festivals and communities. She has been a visionary/channel of the menstrual mysteries and eco-menstruation movement since 1991, and is a long standing weaver of the web of women's blood mysteries. Much of her work as an eco-feminist activist is in connection with her teachings on eco-menstruation. Nuit is also a performance artist/sacred dancer, ceremonial visual artist, and founder of the Ishtar Noir Ritual Theater collective- and is the creatrix of Shakti Goddess Arts (www.shaktistudios.etsy.com) which carries her altar art and ceremonial offerings, wise women herbals, crystals, and her writings. Her website can be found at www.scarletshakti.com and she is also on Facebook at: Nuit Moore, The Scarlet Shakti and on Instagram @thescarletshakti

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Call for Submissions: On the Wings of Isis: A Woman's Path to Sovereignty

The Girl God is accepting submissions for our upcoming Anthology of women’s writing: On the Wings of Isis: A Woman's Path to Sovereignty.

We want to hear from women about finding their path to sovereignty through the loving wings of Isis. Personal essays (up to 2,500 words), academic papers, poetry and (black and white) art are welcome.

Edited by Trista Hendren, Susan Morgaine and Pat Daly
Cover Art by Elisabeth Slettnes

Scheduled publication: October 2020

Submission Guidelines:
Please send your finished piece in a Word document.  Art should be sent in high resolution as a JPG.  You may submit more than one piece for consideration, but due to the volume of submissions, please only send your best work.

Please also include a bio under 150 words.

Please send your submissions to trista@girlgod.org by May 31, 2020 with the book title in your subject line. Please note that we cannot accommodate any late submissions or corrections. 

The previous anthologies in this series are Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine WisdomInanna's Ascent: Reclaiming Female Power and Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming OurselvesA call for submissions has also been put out for Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our book for children of all ages, My Name is Isis, The Egyptian Goddess