Mother Mary Come To Me

A loving tribute to Mother Earth and a call to Action!

My Journey to Eco-Feminism

Taking Back Your Body

This book should be read by all children and adults.

Patriarchal religion & the rejection of female bodies

What we believe doesn’t matter. How we live matters.

I am a child of the Goddess

He was everywhere, but She was never to be found


The world needs to see the feminine face of God

Embracing the Sacred Feminine to Finish the Sexual Revolution

Is Christ a white male heterosexual?

Defying the Universe

"This book is a must for our daughters" - Christy Turlington

Reserves of strength

In the Booth with Ruth - My interview with Ruth Jacobs

We're not trying to invent something new

Your beauty lies behind your mask

I am already complete

We must not neglect either gender

How Indeed?

Can you find the Girl God inside of you?

Eco-feminism Essential

"Pretty" doesn't come cheap.

It’s the practice of religion that is the basic cause of the foundation of excuse for the other abuses against women

We must learn to speak the name of the Goddess

No one can keep you from lifting your heart toward heaven

Falcons and Goddesses

5 stars are not enough for this book

Changing Church

Take every child as your own daughter

Is enlightenment is for all beings?

EVERY child deserves....

Female metaphors for God in the Bible


Patriot by Alice Walker