Like a sealed letter they could not plainly read

From his rib...


Celebrated in Secret

May we dance in the face of our fears

We grow partially

My Ultimate Authority

lesbian consciousness

The end of rape, of violence, of war

Until we stop defining God as exclusively male....

Facebook Update: Still missing the point entirely


Sexuality played the central role in virtually all creation stories

After a while you learn

Bringing the Stars

She is Not Submissive

Sophia Rising: A Book Review - AND Raffle for FREE BOOK!!


Goddess is just a word

Two Paths Ahead


The Goddess represents the limitless potentiality of our individual and collective minds

You do not have to be good.

A safe place to go

Discredited or historically ignored role models

She establishes harmony and union

New & Improved Girl God Website

We don't have any throwaway children

Off the Beaten Track

...Just as we are

Birth, Breath, and Death

On Writing The Girl God

For Deserving Eyes

Happy Summer Soltice

Support Jinan Younis & Other Young Feminists

Joy & Sorrow

Dangerous beasts

The discovery of a way to live that restores a sense of humanity

20 years from now....

In God is a woman like yourself

In our own hands

Women Conducted Sacraments

Children's Books Enforce Gender Stereotypes

Forgive Myself

Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for raising boys in an era of failing schools, mass joblessness, and thug culture