Thursday, April 22, 2021

Casting the Circle of The Great Queen by Nikki Wardwell Sleath


Ravenspirit by Laura Cameron

Among other things, I am a witch, healer, founder and leader of a large, private magickal order and long-term devotee of The Morrigan. As the Great Queen has been entwined in my heart and my magickal practice in a profound way for so many years and has shown herself in her many guises to represent a balanced force of the classical magickal elements, I wanted to share these words of calling her in all of her elemental forms to grace the quarters of the sacred circle. I hope these words help you to connect to the wholeness of her magick, and to enhance and hallow your own sacred space.

“I call to you, Nemhain, and your elements of the East, and of Air. Raven shifter, whipping frenzied tempests… Bringer of tests and riddles that challenge the mind and warp perceptions…Feathered winds of sword-sharp inspiration, I am honored by your presence in this circle.

I call to you, Macha, and your elements of the South, and of Fire. Red-haired queen, stallion-racing champion of stalwart persistence and courage… Rainer of flame, Wolf-sprinting, spearpoint dancer and lady of passion, fueling the ability to influence and win battles, I am honored by your presence in this circle.

I call to you, Babd, and your elements of the West, and of Water. Knowing prophetess, seer, bringer of magickal verses… Riverside washer of the vestments flowing between life and death, Eel-curving, electrifying and conducting, allowing vision into the cauldron of mysteries, I am honored by your presence in this circle.

I call to you, Anu, and your elements of the North, and of Earth. Embedded in the land, bestowing sovereignty and responsibility…Queen of the Mounds of the Otherworld and of the sacred speaking stone…Woman of the heifer’s power and the ultimate ability to rule, I am honored by your presence in this circle.

I call to you, An Morrioghain, and your elements of the Center, of Spirit. Spark of mystery uniting heart and soul, embodiment of deep spiritual mystery and the nature of life and death…Giver and taker, bringer of truths that cut through the questions of mortality and self and ring the resounding call to a higher purpose. I accept your challenge and am honored by your presence in this circle. Go raibh maith agat.”

Art and excerpt from our upcoming anthology: Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan.

Nikki Wardwell Sleath, MA, a direct descendant of one of the colonial citizens of Salem accused and killed for Witchcraft, is a lifelong witch herself. Originally a physical therapist by trade, her foray into integrative health and healing and her spiritual practice and formal training as a witch have led her to a long-term, full-time career teaching magick in her order, the Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick. She is a healer, hypnotherapist, dream work facilitator, author, wife and a mom to two wonderful teenagers. She has also been a teacher and priestess serving at the annual Morrigan’s Call Retreat for several years. All of these aspects of her life have been made more fulfilling by her devotion to the Great Queen, An Morrioghain.

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