Friday, April 23, 2021

How Do You Experience Eros? by Kay Turner.


Art by Arna Baartz

Eros: the powerful force of aliveness; desire, innate in all things in the cosmos, active within our embodiment and imagination.  How do you experience it?

Eros, as a primal instinct to live, moves through me as libido, a pleasure principle, and was and still is the primary force in my ongoing recovery from chronic illness and trauma.  This fuel is beyond ‘me’.  I receive Eros from Gaia’s core and the pulsating flow of her energetic blood, which I connect to via an umbilical cord energetic root.  Eros also penetrates me from the universal cosmic realms, as a benevolent flow of goodness and inspiration.  Shamanic journeying, energy practices and connection with Goddess archetypes and aspects facilitate a deeper receptivity.

It took me a while to know what to ‘do’ with Eros.  Misguided attempts to ‘control’ and intensify it through kundalini practices, set back my recovery significantly.  Eros will not be ‘ruled’ in any way.  Surrendering into the mentorship of Eros, following my BODY, my animal self, my sacred vessel, and learning about and honouring my nervous system and its capacity. has brought me into relationship with divine embodiment and supported chronic illness remission and trauma resolution.

I have found the Eros takes us on our own path and dance with aliveness, self and the sacred.     

Kay Turner.  Sacred Education.  Growing and empowering Sacred Womanhood.


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