Call for Submissions - Lotus Heart: The Compassion of Kuan Yin

The Girl God is accepting submissions for our upcoming Anthology of women’s writing: Lotus Heart: The Compassion of Kuan Yin.

We invite writings from women about finding refuge in the storms of life, sharing the balm of compassion, and experiencing spiritual growth through the loving intercession of Kuan Yin.

Personal essays (up to 2,500 words), academic papers, poetry, prayers, vegan/vegetarian recipes, and (black and white) art are welcome. In this unique anthology, we will be publishing select submissions in both English and Chinese languages, with translations.

Themes to consider in your submissions might include:

-Overcoming trauma with Kuan Yin’s help
-Kuan Yin in meditation
-how Kuan Yin figures into your relationship with your parents or children
-how Kuan Yin inspires you on your path of Goddess Spirituality
-how Kuan Yin has helped you defy traditional gender roles
-how Kuan Yin figures in with your compassionate cooking and eating practices
-Kuan Yin’s fierce compassion in the face abuse and cruelty
-Kuan Yin and animal protection
-Kuan Yin and environmental protection

Edited by Trista Hendren, Herng Yu Tzong, and Yeshe Matthews
Cover Art by Yu Kuei Chao

Scheduled publication: March 2022

Submission Guidelines:
Please send your finished piece in a PDF or Google document. Please do not use any fancy formatting or fonts as it creates a lot more work on our end. Make sure to spell check before your submission.

Art should be sent in high resolution as a JPG. You may submit more than one piece for consideration, but due to the volume of submissions, please only send your best work.

Please also include a bio under 150 words.

Please send your submissions to by June 31, 2021, with the book title in your subject line. Please note that we cannot accommodate any late submissions or corrections.


  1. This says the deadline is June 31 but it is still active as a call for submissions. Has the deadline been extended?


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