Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Painted In Blood & Woad by Phoenix Angelis


The Great Queen by Andrea Redmond

Lines painted in Woad upon her face.
Blood etched like Tears beneath her eyes.
The tears an Ocean.
Of Pain, Of Grief.
Of Battles Lost & Won.
The war still to be fought.
She looks up at the brush of Raven Wings.
Enfolded in their dark warmth.
Her gaze upon Her face.
Called there by Her touch.
As She paints the Crescent upon her brow.
Claiming Her Daughter.
Naming her Priestess.
Life & Death entwined in beauty on Her face.
Half calling forth a Mother in her Fullness.
The other the stark white Bone of Decay.

The Raven Queen.
Banshee Call of the Battlefield.
Mistress of Land & Sovereignty.
Ever changing Shapeshifter.
Washer At The Ford
Culler & Caller of The Mighty Dead.
Morrigan, The Phantom Queen.
Dark Mother
Though she knows not wholly why She has Chosen her.
She rises Painted in Blood & Woad.
Answering The Morrigan's call.
The Call of The Great Queen.

Poem and art from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan.

Phoenix Angelis, Celtic Nocturnal Witch, has been a practitioner of the Craft for the past 20 years. Though her path has changed over time, it has been a constant source of strength. Narrowing to a more Celtic-centric path in the last six years. The Morrigan's call a more recent shift. Being born with Stage I Cerebral Palsy has given her a unique perspective and shown her what strength & resilience truly mean. Phoenix stands with those who are voiceless, those who struggle. Animals, the disabled, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and all those who are marginalized.

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