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On the Wings of Isis: Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Auset - Table of Contents


Some of these pieces have been partially excerpted on my blog. I will try to add additional hyperlinks as I am able. You can see much of the artwork on Facebook. You can order your copy here.

Foreword: She of the Throne - Jhenah Telyndru

Introduction: Sovereign Unto Herself - Trista Hendren

A Note About Styles, Preferences—and Names - Trista Hendren

Auset / High Priestess Arcana II - Max Dashu

Hear Our Cries: An Invocation - Arlene Bailey

Queen of Herself - Arlene Bailey

Alkimia - Arlene Bailey

Goddess Isis Archetypes and Attributes - Syma Kharal

Goddess of 10,000 Names - Arna Baartz

Agency in the Face of Adversity - Olivia Church

Reflection of Beauty Shining (Forever) - Elisabeth Slettnes

Daring to Sit in the Red Throne - deTraci Regula

Great Mother Goddess - Arna Baartz

Goddess Isis - Joey Morris

The Rulers of Our Own Damn Lives - Monica Rodgers

Her Ankh of Sovereignty - Monica Rodgers

Retaining Sovereignty within the Confines of Modern Motherhood - Trista Hendren

Isis Mothers the World - Arna Baartz

Dedication to Isis - Carmel Glenane

Finding the Goddess in Lebanon - Christine Shahin 

Isis Mask - Lauren Raine

The Importance of The Correct Name Tyreesha Garrett

Isis as a Woman of Color - Susan Morgaine

Re-Membering Our Sovereign Divinity - Duann Kier

Isis as Kite - Hayley Arrington

Tea Leaves - Jessica Morell

Bowl - Jessica Morell

Finding Isis: My Journey Toward Sovereignty - Arlene Bailey

Great Cosmic Mother - Arlene Bailey

Memphis: A Day Off From School - Sharon Putnam

I Can Hear Her Breathing - Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

My Return to Isis: A Half Century Journey - Bajra (Ann-Lee Waite)

Isis: High Priestess - Katherine Skaggs

Mother Goddess Isis, a Love Story - Katherine Skaggs

Isis Banner - Lydia Ruyle

In Search of the One Who is Waiting - Donna Snyder

The Path Taken - Susan Morgaine

The Love of Isis Restores - Hazel DaHealer

Isis and Anubis - Tracy Andryc

Ancient Temples: The Heart of Egypt - Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

The Ankh – Music of Life Sistrum - Handmade by Mike Turner, Photo by Anders Løberg

The Sistrum: Sacred Rattle of Creation - Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Reclaim Her Name - Susan Morgaine

Isis’s Initiation: Taking Your Throne - Syma Kharal

The Sight of Isis - Nuit Moore

Anubis, Isis, Osiris - Tracy Andryc

Separate, Then Together: The Alchemical Roots of Sacred Partnership in Egyptian Mythology - April C. Heaslip, PhD

Reflection on an Egyptian Goddess - Sharon Smith

Isis, Mother Goddess of the Universe - Tara Reynolds

The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment - Carmel Glenane

Giver of Life - Arna Baartz

Weaving - M^h

The Gifts of Isis Talia Segal

I am Isis Kat Shaw

Awakening Your Voice with Isis Dominique Oyston

Isis - Sudie Rakusin

Taking Your Throne Syma Kharal

Isis on My Mind Yeye Luisah Teish

Isis at the Parliament of World Religions Lauren Raine

Sovereignty: The Original Sin - Trista Hendren

Prayer/Invocation Syma Kharal

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