Saturday, January 19, 2019

Call for Submissions: Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan

Girl God Books is accepting submissions for our upcoming Anthology: Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan. 

We want to hear about your insight into this Goddess - and how you have used Her story as inspiration to claim your Queendom. 

Personal essays (up to 2,500 words), academic papers, poetry and (black and white) art are welcome. Please keep submissions on-topic, using the title of the anthology as a guide.

Edited by Trista Hendren, Jessica Johnson and Pat Daly

Scheduled publication: September 2021

Please send your submissions to by March 31, 2021 with the book title in your subject linePlease note that we cannot accommodate any late submissions or corrections.

Submission Guidelines:
Please send your finished piece in a Word document.  Art should be sent in high resolution as a JPG.  You may submit more than one piece for consideration, but due to the volume of submissions, please only send your best work.

Please also include a bio under 150 words.

Accepted contributors will receive a contributor's copy of the book and the option to order as many copies of the book as they'd like at cost during the pre-order period to sell or gift as they wish.

The previous anthologies in this series are Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom, Inanna's Ascent: Reclaiming Female Power, Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves
and On the Wings of Isis.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our new book for children of all ages, My Name is The Morrigan


  1. I am excited to submit a piece for consideration! Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. I submitted a poem ("The Curse of the Morrigan") with a visual a while back, would be happy to submit another art work. But not clear where to submit to (email?) Thanks, Lauren Raine