Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Importance of The Correct Name by Tyreesha Garrett


Art by Christa Forrest 

It is critical to learn the origins of Auset (a Goddess of Kemet, commonly known as ancient Egypt) in African history. In the time of European invasion/colonization of Kemet, there were many violent acts by Europeans that took place against Kemet. One being plagiarism (theft), of Kemet’s legacy, in which Auset’s name and image was taken by Europeans. Europeans wrongfully claimed and changed her name to Isis as a representation of European legacy. Knowing and calling Auset by only the name Isis continues to perpetuate the lie of a legacy that has been stolen. The attack on Africa’s legacy has been happening for centuries. When considering Isis, it is crucial that the truth of her original name and existence is represented, as this also reflects the legacy and the people she originated from. This ties into African people’s (i.e., African Americans) images. If you take away a people’s true history and replace it with an inhumane history (i.e., the history of enslavement) this will impact how they view themselves. It is an intentional robbing of their cultural identity. In this case, knowing the truth will significantly impact how young girls/women of African descent view and value themselves. We can start to cultivate our true value in who we are in our greatness.

Racism is so embedded in our society and it systemically plays a role in how little girls and women of African descent view themselves. We are so bombarded by information that tells us that we are less than (inferior), not good enough and we have no idea this is a complete lie. Some of us must wait until we become older to learn (whether self-education or another way) that we were told lies and find our true worth, which leads to confidence. It is important for us to learn and know our own true history beyond the (Atlantic Slave Trade) which is commonly taught to us in the public school system, so that we can now begin to restore our true worth.

If our focus is to encourage and support the truth of all young girls’ and women's images, this also includes young girls and women of African descent.

An excerpt from the introduction to our upcoming anthology, On the Wings of Isis: Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Auset.

Tyreesha Garrett is Afro-Indigenous from Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, Oklahoma. She is a mother in the Pacific Northwest. Becoming a Mother opened a part of her to reflect and look deeper into her Cultural Identity & Spirituality. Through Self-taught education she came to a Greater Awareness of the impact settler colonialism (Through Terrorist Acts) & the settler colonial system she grew up in. She has sought out to Decolonize her & her children’s way of being as to Reclaim their Cultural Identity of being Indigenous as their Culture is their Medicine.

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