Friday, October 2, 2020

Weaving by M^h

''The Weaver'' by Lauren Raine

The story of my life is unravelling before me,
No premeditated form for me to mould myself unto

Blank canvases await the swirls of my sweat and blood

The fight of forgetting who I never was,
A flight to a freedom found in the cosmos that is me

I may have not known of such a possibility before

Never heard of realms where it is not squeezed out of me;
This life force

Always falling short,
In strife I was to trust

But the story of my life is unravelling before me,
I learn to inhale and exhale as an infant just born
Crying to the tune of holding space for myself by being held,
It is not pain, but relief,
A safety just for me
Fashioned to my very needs,
Wounds I now know with certainty will heal,
A quenchless yearning turns to a realised desire
In finding words long searched for –

In a creation tailored to my own flourishing cells

When I need reminders I create my shrine,
Bathing in reviving ritual
Fertility for my dreams and existence fully embodied

A throne of exploration and the ecstatic heights of knowing aliveness
Intimate wings that always lead to familiar safety at the crux of my home,
My body

She reminds me of the she I am, I was and always will be

To walk right into the dark
And entice myself out, bring it all to the surface
To be seen,
A heavy truth is lifted,
Gifted to my inner child,
Devoted to the future that lives and breathes in me

A web of my own energy where none possesses me but me
Spinning nets of nights spent basking in the glow of a waxing moon,
A love fest in the making, solely for one

Not a trap down the way of disenchantment, but self-trust

Unfiltered sands of truth are told,
I take myself back

Oh the sheer pleasure,
In realising-

The magic is me,
The life I seek and have long hidden from is within.

A poem from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, On the Wings of Isis: Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Auset

Lindsay goes by the Nom de Plume ‘M^h’; mind ‘to the power of’ the heart. M^h is a Creative Writer who often refers to herself as a truth-seeking, soul-searching storyteller. She believes in the power of words to perceive, create, and destroy all forms of life. Ultimately she is concerned with the human condition and this is evident in all its forms in her work. Her work that allows her to somehow feel a thing or two, deeply, without judgment. To speak when no one else will.

She has recently debuted her Poetry Chapbook of this nature, titled, simply – Human Nature followed up by another provocative collection; Of Lilith and Delilah.

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