Monday, July 6, 2020

Reflection on an Egyptian Goddess by Sharon Smith

Art by Arna Baartz

Auset, I know your pain.
You lost your Love too…
It changes you, doesn’t it?
Here today, gone tomorrow…
Life becomes a dark, shadowed land
and you wander it aimlessly
wanting only to embrace once again
what you have lost.
You know the road of which I speak:
You traveled it across the desert spaces of Egypt yourself
in search of your lost Love.
You found him only to lose him a second time.
I don’t envy you that double loss:
once was more than enough for me.
But Love was born of that hallowed space after your losses.
And Love was born from the dark space after my own loss.
Your Love manifested in Horus;
mine in learning to love myself.
But both were acts of Defiance,
of Sovereignty:
Yours toward Set, who robbed you of your Love;
mine toward the Patriarchy,
which robbed me of my Self.
We both stood our ground, didn’t we?
We refused to bend, to break,
to give up, to give in…
We both are Dangerous Women
to the men who want to define and control us,
to strip us of our rightful places and our power.
You taught me this:
That the struggle is not a sign of weakness,
but an opportunity to cultivate Courage and Strength,
to rise above it all
and reclaim what is ours.
You showed me, Dear Auset,
that loss does not have to end us:
It can begin us.
And you reminded me
that Goddesses are not seated in exalted heavenly places:
They walk among us,
because they ARE us.

Poem from the upcoming anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Sharon Smith is a writer, ghost writer, editor, and proofreader with a passion for helping women reconnect with their Authentic Selves and Voices. She loves & honors the Great Mother in all Her many forms, and has a deep connection to Nature. She identifies as a Green Witch and follows an eclectic spiritual path that is a blending of Native American and Celtic Teachings, both in her ancestral line.

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