Monday, August 16, 2021

The Great Initiation by Kay Turner


Art by Claire Dorey

Perimenopause, our second adolescence, is a journey which initiates us into our fully expanded and formed ‘adult’ – our Elder Self – our Crone.  It is greater than simply a physical maturation process.  Like our teenage years, perimenopause is a complete deconstruction, a dismantling of what is, what we thought of as true, for our bodies, thoughts and emotions, and the birthing of our authenticity, Wise Woman. 

We move through the stages of the Great Initiation with Wisdom.

The process isn’t ‘neat’.  Detoxing and change rarely are.  We purge.  We get ‘sick’, ‘hot’, ‘frustrated’.  We have highs and deep lows.  We rollercoaster emotionally and hormonally.  We face shadows, trauma, pain but also retrieve our gold, medicine and joy. 

Personally, as I continue to move through the phases of the admission process, I experience and tolerate extremes I didn’t think we possible.  I’m burning with rage and passion,  despair and ecstasy.  Regulation isn’t always accessible.  The process is untamed and undomesticated.  My family are impacted.  Cords are cut and attachments severed.  My mind, body and energy are pulling back, closing in, reclaiming and taking full ownership of all resources of Self.  There is no room in this for other.  

It’s just me and the Sacred Feminine.  Me and my medicine, me and Soul.  A process which culminates in Crowning as Triple Goddess.

If you would like to contribute stories of your Menopause Journey with Goddess, Girl God Books is accepting submissions for an upcoming Anthology, The Crone Initiation and Invitation: Women speak on theMenopause Journey.  Scheduled publication is 2022.

Kay Turner
Education. Evolution. Embodiment.

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