Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Neurodiversity is a Feminist Issue by Kay Turner


Painting by Leticia Banegas

“Neuro” means “relating to the nerves or nervous system,” which includes the brain. Neurological differences—or neurodiversity—are the differences in brain structure, chemistry, and functioning that are associated with differences in sensory perception, cognitive functioning, and mental health. As with other human variations—size, culture, temperament, etc.—these differences can lead to a variety of different outcomes and needs. Diversity, including neurodiversity, is what makes each of us unique, and gives our species the remarkable capacity to invent and adapt to changing circumstances.'' -Dona Matthews Ph.D., Psychology Today

Girl God books is inviting submissions for an Anthology called Rainbow Goddess - Celebrating Neurodiversity. Around 15-20% people are ‘neurodiverse’. There is a significant gender bias in diagnosis, and many girls and women are overlooked, missed or misdiagnosed. Why? Some of the reasons given include that they don’t fit the model and social norm of neurodiversity (which by the way, is based on male presentation) and that they are quieter, try harder to fit in and camouflage (conditioned to be ‘good girls’). Increasing numbers of females are ‘officially’ or self-diagnosed in adulthood and grieving the impact of poor mental health and not being able to thrive, due to a lack of celebration of their uniqueness, the gifts they do have, self-understanding, rights and reasonable adjustment at work.

For these reasons and many others Neurodiversity is a feminist issue.

The intention of this upcoming Anthology is to address and celebrate Neurodiversity in Women and as an aspect of Rainbow Goddess. It is a thanksgiving for the creativity, imagination, self-awareness, super-power sensitivity, problem-solving, planning abilities, resilience and ways of seeing the world through a different lens and the solutions that brings for societal issues that these women offer. It is a reclamation, call for change and ‘outing’ of systemic and insidious sexism.

Call for submissions is on the Girl God blog or access by clicking here.

Kay Turner
Educate. Evolve. Embody.

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