Monday, January 3, 2022

Boudicca and the Hare by Emma Clark

She Who Is Art

When she released that hare from the folds of her dress,
Men held their breath in the still of morning,
Before their cheers resounded across the landscape.
Running on the right side for battle
She is still moving through history
Hind legs grazing the bare earth,
Showing the way for what will come.
The invaders built straight roads
But her way was not always so certain.
Her path was veering, oscillating,
In the diffused light of dawn and dusk
She outwitted her pursuers in the twist of divinatory fate.
What other fierce magic was unleashed from the darkness of her womanhood?
At the meeting-place when all is in balance,
At the tipping point,
At the equinox of souls,
She is the disruptor, the defiant one,
The protector of daughters,
The fire that will not be contained.
Her name is a scorched scar of memory,
Like Londinium's charred layer of earth.
When all is burning like the stubble of a harvest field,
When the world is changing,
And in the searing heat of oppression,
The hare rises from the hot earth,
And leaps through flame,
Guiding the way for She who would stand
Against an empire.

A poem from our recently released anthology, In Defiance of Oppression -The Legacy of Boudicca.

Emma Clark is an editor and writer working in the field of Celtic scholarship, with an MA (Hons), MSc and PhD in Celtic Studies. She teaches classes in Celtic and Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh and has published books and articles on the subject of Gaelic literature and culture. Her PhD thesis centred on the politics of landscape in modern Scottish Gaelic poetry.

Emma is a Priestess of Cerridwen in-training within the Avalonian Tradition of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and is currently working on a book about the interconnection between the path of motherhood and the priestess path.

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