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Making Love with the Divine. Sacred, Ecstatic, Erotic, Experiences by Kay Turner


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Making Love with the Divine. Sacred, Ecstatic, Erotic, Experiences.

Why this book and these topics?

Love Making – The Divine – Sacred – Ecstatic – Erotic – The Body

They all ‘found’ me. Actually, they’ve been present from my birth and have ‘followed me around’ my whole life. Nagging, messaging, urging. I’ve been curious. I’ve been explorative. I’ve been touched. And, I have carried a deep knowing that this is true for many of us, and that we’ve kept it buried, unconscious, hidden, because we carry shame about it.

The shame was outed and became visible when I put out a call for shares as part of the research and preparatory process. Replies were sparse, even when elicited from friendship, sisterhood and spiritual circles. I was getting ‘arms-length’ curt responses. Many were triggered. Most were silent. There was a lot of discomfort, shock and disgust. I suddenly felt alien, ‘different’ and that my intuition and instinct were skewed – that I’d misjudged and got it all wrong. I rapidly moved into processing my own discomfort at the nil and/or negative responses from others and their projections of you’re ‘too much’ and it’s all ‘grotesque’ being layered upon me both consciously verbally and energetically, often unconsciously. I journeyed deeper into my mind, heart and body asking my inner wisdom, what are these reactions all about? What is underneath it? What is hidden? What am I not seeing?

The answers came through rapidly, loud and clear. We are collectively dissociated, disconnected from our bodies, living from and as mind, as cognition. This is deeply entrenched phenomenon in religious and spiritual communities. We still carry shame and guilt about body pleasure of any type and believe it is wicked and separates us from ‘God’ and access to ‘heaven’. We are still carrying the conditioning that the body is sinful, evil and can’t be trusted. We are still looking to be saved by a male God who is out there and above. We often only trust mental images, constructs and teachings, believing we need to be told what the Divine is – we do not affirm accessing ‘knowledge’ of the Divine through our bodies or accept own personal direct experience and gnosis as valid or truth. We still believe the erotic is simply ‘dirty sex’. We carry in our bodies a shame around sex, sexual pleasure and self-touch. These, and the concept of ecstasy, activate a fear and disgust responses in the body. We are absolutely indoctrinated by religion and believe religious texts, clergy and tradition are the only authority about the Divine. We believe the sacred and everyday are not one in the same. We see no Divinity in or of the body and pleasure. The body, particularly the body of woman, and the Divine remain firmly in the grip of the Patriarchy. We continue to be controlled. Our bodies remain tamed and ensnared in narrative of The Fall.

I was horrified and shocked and then absolutely determined because of all these revelations that this book needed to be written – to set us, our bodies and the Divine free.

The book originally started out as a platform for showcasing and giving language to the mystical experiences of modern-day women which are happening all of the time, narrating their accounts of communion with the Divine and sense of the numinous. However, it morphed and changed during the research process. Whilst these accounts remain as the backbone of the book. the format has evolved into a handbook and workbook. The storytelling of (often unbeknown to them) the contemporary mystics I interviewed and received shares from prompted me to write from a more educational lens and formulate practises which I could offer readers within the text on how to begin the journey of liberating the body and forge their own direct pathway and access to the Divine. The book metamorphosised into a practical guide.

My path and service this lifetime is to create fusion of the mundane and sacred, divinity and humanity, the holiness of flesh and divine embodiment. Its to support the remembrance of our birth right, our natural state, our innate innocence – our spiritual soma - the remembrance of ourselves as a Sacred Human – fully human and fully divine.

Making love with the Divine is making love with life – allowing life to move and express through us. It is embodying creative flow, following instinct and impulse and body messages. Making love with the Divine is aliveness. Reclaiming our Sacred self, the sacredness of the mundane and ordinary we feel peace, contentment and meaning. In experiencing the ecstatic and erotic we create with joy and are energised with ease. Love flows. Love is made. Love is shared. This book demonstrates that all of this is on offer to us moment to moment, in day-to-day situations and life.

I am so grateful to the women who participated in the research process and shared their life experiences and inner wisdom with me. The demographic of the participants was wide, the women were a wide range of ages, background and lived around the globe. Some shared voice notes, others emails, some sent art, and others generously offered a more formal Zoom interview. The process of collecting women’s wisdom was humbling, profoundly impactful and a true honour. Without their grace and willingness to share so freely this book could not have been written.

The vision for the book was to anonymise the research, including my own personal experiences which are included in each section. This was partly for the women’s comfort, especially those who were sharing deeply intimate information. The main reason however, was so that we spoke as one. We speak as woman. A unified voice and body. Woman’s body is programmed to make love with the divine moment to moment, organically. It is our birth rite to live pleasurably and commune with the sacred within the mundane. In keeping shares anonymous the aim is that any reader may be able to imagine herself in the experience. It is of her body.

Once the window of sharing closed I knew it was time to collate and process 'woman's voice'. All shares were anonymised and woven into the text alongside research and my own gnosis, thematically and anecdotally so we became one. We speak as one. The voice moves from I to we, mine to ours. Individual to collective and shared experience. Woman. The Feminine. She. Making Love with the

Divine. I surrendered into process and flow, asking that I be guided and of service to Love and that the book catalyse Lovemaking with the Divine in all who read it. I released control knowing none of this is about me.

One of the women I interviewed said to me ‘ my deepest longing is to make myself and my life a prayer’. Making Love with the Divine is just that - living in constant communication, rapport and union with Goodness.

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Kay Turner is a teacher, facilitator, researcher and writer who visions collective evolution. She catalyses individual, collective and institutional evolution through education, embodiment and creativity, and the amalgamation of metacognition, intuition and instinct.

Kay has contributed to the Girl God Anthologies Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of the Morrigan and In Defiance of Oppression - The Legacy of Boudicca. Kay will also feature in other upcoming Girl God Anthologies Just as I am - Hymns Affirming the Divine Feminine and Songs of Solstice - Goddess Carols. Currently she is co-editing the upcoming Girl God Anthologies: Re-Membering with Goddess: Healing the Patriarchal Perpetuation of TraumaThe Crone Initiation and Invitation: Women speak on the Menopause JourneyRainbow Goddess - Celebrating Neurodiversity and Pain Perspectives: Finding Meaning in the Fire. In addition, Kay is writing her own books: Mentorship of Goddess: Growing Sacred Womanhood and Making Love with the Divine: Sacred, Ecstatic, Erotic Experiences.

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