Monday, September 6, 2021

Battle Cry by Erika Lopp


Painting by Barbara O'Meara

Twas a time long ago when the Great Isle was ravished with war and bloodshed. Invaders from the east swept through the land intent on domination.

Amidst these trying times rose a warrior. Boudicca, a name still whispered in the echoes of time. Boudicca the great Iceni Queen. She who is unafraid to stand smeared in the blood of her enemies. She who withstood many horrors and witnessed countless injustices—and still found her power. Tattered and worn, beaten and bloodied she stands with us now.

Her voice cry's out, “Dig deep within yourselves my daughters. Find your voices, reclaim your power. You are part of a great line of brave sisters whose time has come to fruition. My story represents all of you. My gift to you all is that of unwavering strength of spirit, despite the cruelties and harshness of the world. Come together now, walk my path as one.”

“Pick up your daggers, raise your bows and follow me into battle.”


Excerpt from our upcoming anthology, In Defiance of Oppression -The Legacy of Boudicca.

In her younger days, Erika Lopp chose a path to help others. She attended college and received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and later a Master's in Education and Counseling Psychology in order to help victims of domestic violence. Later, her heart led her to an Anthropology degree out of her love for history, archaeology, and cultural studies. She currently works for a cultural resource management firm called Corn Island Archaeology. Her passions include an avid love for the realm of magic including, mythology, magical herbalism, and moon lore. Her creative soul has led me to a love for gardening, healing herbs, arts, crafts, baking, photography and writing. Things that inspire Erika: An open moonflower at dusk, the sunrise on a cool fall morning, and the distant call of the crow.

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