Monday, May 31, 2021

Swing-set Over the Moon by Alyssa Spungen


Beatrice Alemagna

I would like to see myself in all things.

You are everything.”

“It is all a lie,” She tells
shape-shifting from
a dense mass,
to liquefied light
to a replica
of the Earth.

“I am not what
you think I am.”

“I am The Morrigan~
Macha, Badb, Anu, Nemain, Aine, Danu, Raven, Crow, Cattle, Wolf, Horse, Eel, Swan.

Who are you?”

I am a quiet
my feet dangling
over the reflection
of a safe night.
I am over the center
of the lake.
How did I get here?
What is the truth?
Why me?
Is the moon a small
Earth, or a mirror
for the sun, or made
of dark plastic?

I lean my head to the
right and go to sleep,
relaxing in Her mystery.

“It is in transitions you see most clearly,” She whispered.
“Every part of you is natural.”

“The part that does not change, ancestral and potent, and the parts that do, fertility and evolution, will and civilizing art, psychic and medium, warrior and scavenger, death and liminality, Sorceress, Lover and Sovereign.”

She is all of it,
and in some small way,
so am I,
born to be in awe of Her,
to let her inside,
to show me the fullness
of Being,
to be material for creation.

An excerpt from our upcoming anthology, Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan.

Alyssa Spungen (she/her/hers) works in Behavioral Health, is a Yoga teacher and Dream-worker in Tucson, AZ. Alyssa posts magick and dream-related things on Instagram @yourdreamfish.

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