Monday, May 31, 2021

Call for Interviews: Making Love with the Divine: Sacred, Ecstatic, Erotic Experiences



A call for participants willing to be interviewed by Kay Turner for a Girl God publication Making Love with the Divine: Sacred, Ecstatic, Erotic Experiences.

We invite willing interviewees to share via Zoom a verbal account or artistic creation of their own personal experience of embodied erotic union with the Divine. Solo experiences of this, during the creative process or self-pleasure, are especially welcomed.  Interviewees can remain anonymous.

Some of the experiences the book may explore are:

·                  Sexual Spirituality

·                  Erotic Spirituality

·                  Divine Orgasm

·                  Self-pleasure and Divine Union

·                  Sacred Sexual Union

·                  Embodied Erotic Mysticism

·                  Ecstatic experiences and Spiritual Ecstasy

·                  Goddess/God-Human Erotic Union

·                  Eros


Written and Edited by Kay Turner
Art by Arna Baartz

Scheduled publication: 2023

Interviewee Guidelines:
Interviews will be conducted by Kay Turner (in English) via Zoom before Dec 31st 2021 and will last 30-60 minutes.  Interviews will be recorded.  They will be deleted once the book is completed.

Please send your request to be interviewed, a short bio (under 150 words) and a brief paragraph about what you will be sharing to by 22nd Sept 2021.

Please note that we cannot accommodate any late submissions or corrections.

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