Friday, November 13, 2020

Badass Warrior Goddess by Sharon Smith


Art by Laura Cameron

I love a Badass Warrior Goddess
With a big-ass sword.
Especially when she knows how to use it
To slice and dice through patriarchal flesh and bone,
To break through androcentric rock and stone
And let women, beaten down by patriarchal men
Know they will never, EVER walk alone again.

I used to be a mousey gal,
Pushed around by abusive men,
Thinking I was “lesser than”,
A never-ending cycle of
“Try, try again and again and again”—
And for what? So I could be called
A cunt, a whore, a twat…

Struggling, day in and day out
But never quite getting there;
Never quite good enough.
“Daughter of Eve” and all.
Responsible for “the Fall.”
Fuck that shit! I’ve heard the Call
Of the Baddest Ass Warrior Goddess
Of them All!

The Morrigan is her name
My Twin (Sister) Flame.
Funny…because I feared her
Before I revered her;
Her Darkness frightened me
Before it enlightened me.
I cringed and cowered
Before I became empowered.

But she took me through her Dark School
Taught me not to be a fool,
Taught me how to get my shit together
Grow my wings and fly in any weather…
She showed me the value of the Night;
How everything is not all “Love and Light”
How sometimes we must take a righteous stand
Warrior up and repossess the stolen land.

I learned from Her that Darkness
Can be a Healer and Revealer
Like a Mother’s Womb to hold me,
A place of Transformation to mold me
Crack my ribs and break my bones
Rip my flesh and grow me some stones,
Yeah, Baby! Great Big Balls of Steel
The Morrigan taught me what it means
To be authentically real…

That’s what she showed me
This Raven-eyed, Ebony Queen,
Shredder of Lies and
Destroyer of False Dreams;
Revealer of Ancient Truth
And Sacred Feminine Ways;
And I’ll gladly follow Her
Though dark be the nights,
And darker yet the days;
Glad that I answered the Call
Of the Baddest Ass Warrior Goddess
Of them all.

Note from author: The Morrigan brings out the Wild Warrior Woman in my soul. From Her kick-ass, no-apologies-given persona I draw a tremendous amount of courage and strength…and for that, I am deeply grateful to this Celtic Dark Goddess. She is one of my favorites!


A poem from our upcoming anthology, Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan 


Sharon Smith is a writer, ghost writer, editor, and proofreader with a passion for helping women reconnect with their Authentic Selves and Voices. She loves & honors the Great Mother in all Her many forms, and has a deep connection to Nature. She identifies as a Green Witch and follows an eclectic spiritual path that is a blending of Native American and Celtic Teachings, both in her ancestral line.


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