Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Invocation of Lilith by Nuit Moore

Suhair Sibai Artist

I Am the Honored One and the Scorned One
I am the Whore and the Holy One
Lilith, Lili, Lilitu, Nan-Lil, Leilah
Lilith, you who once walked proud
blessing the fields, blessing wombs
blessing desire, blessing passion
Lilith, you who once guarded the Holy Tree of Inanna,
Who led the men forth from the fields
to be blessed by the royal lap of the Goddess
blessings blessings blessings
Lilith, you who once stood equal beside Adam,
Who stood firm in Her rising when Adam said
“Go beneath me, woman!”
Lilith, you who then uttered the Secret Words of power
and wings you grew, grew for flight, for refuge
You who found refuge in your dark fecund cave
beside the blood red sea
Devoting yourself as Guardian of your own holy power…
O Lili
Lilith, who they began to claim ‘tainted’ men while in Her ‘menstrual impurity’
Lilith, who they claimed lured Eve into awareness of evil in serpentine form
Lilith, who they say came to claim in the deep dark of night,
to steal from men their ejaculate, to steal from men their power
Lilith, who they say sent Her daughters as succubi to lure men to their downfall,
Lilith, who they say was a childkiller
You have emerged into our female consciousness,
demanding to be remembered for the Holy Goddess you are,
Goddess of Liberation, Ecstasy, Passion and Strength
You demand that we remember that WE as women are HOLY
You call to us with the message that our wombs and our spirits are our own,
imperative we claim our right to rule over our own precious bodies and souls.
Lilith, you are the force that liberates the abused woman,
the woman in the Underworld
You are the one that says:
“Remember, you are beneath no man”
Lilith, you possess the holy righteous rage,
Wrapped in Her scarlet veil,
Phoenix born in potent flame.
Lilith, Serpentine Queen…
Bearing female wisdom, womanly magick, menstrual mysteries
Lilith, Serpentine Queen…
The Holy powers of Life and Death belong to You,
As you go into the Dark of the Moon, we go.
As you shed your scarlet skin, so we shed.
As you renew and transform, we renew and transform.
As you, Ancient Lover, dance in power, we dance in power.
As you wax, peak, wane and rest, we so do.

An excerpt from the Original Resistance anthology. 

Nuit Moore is a witch and priestess whose work and temple serve the Goddess and Her return to the collective consciousness, focusing especially on the empowerment of women, the return of the Goddess temple, and the potent medicine of her path and teachings. Although she comes from mystic traditions from both sides of her bloodline, she began her personal path as priestess in the Dianic and Wise Woman traditions, and is also an ordained priestess with the Fellowship of Isis. Nuit has offered classes and ceremony on female wicce, women’s rites/rights, the harvest mysteries, trance arts, wise woman ways, serpent/shakti power, ceremonial movement and sound, liminal magick and ritual theater, etc for over 25 years, and travels frequently bringing temple and ceremony to festivals and communities. She has been a visionary/channel of the menstrual mysteries and eco-menstruation movement since 1991, and is a long standing weaver of the web of women's blood mysteries. Much of her work as an eco-feminist activist is in connection with her teachings on eco-menstruation. Nuit is also a performance artist/sacred dancer, ceremonial visual artist, and founder of the Ishtar Noir Ritual Theater collective- and is the creatrix of Shakti Goddess Arts (www.shaktistudios.etsy.com) which carries her altar art and ceremonial offerings, wise women herbals, crystals, and her writings. Her website can be found at www.scarletshakti.com and she is also on Facebook at: Nuit Moore, The Scarlet Shakti and on Instagram @thescarletshakti

This invocation was first offered in a ritual performance in 2011.

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