Friday, June 7, 2019

Lilith's Liberation by Nuit Moore

Joyous Lilith by Nuit Moore

Now, Lilith’s journey to Her liberation reverbs with incredible resonance to all women who have claimed their liberation. She claims her power in Her primal places, the cave, the sky, the sea. She is fecund, even in the desert, because it is Her freedom. Lilith is freedom itself.

Lilith is embodied in the woman who leaves a partnership because she refuses to submit and refuses to go unsatisfied in her partnerships. Lilith is the Goddess of women who leave relationships for deeply painful and personal reasons. She is the Goddess of women who have suffered—yet who have survived—great heartbreak and loss, rejection and wounding, and often violence both emotional and physical. Because she refused to be any other than what she so preciously is, Lilith is the Goddess of women who do not settle. She is the essence of the wild woman spirit.

The importance of reclaiming Lilith and of calling Her back to ourselves, is to remember Her power, and in Her power realize OUR power. Our sexual power. Our spiritual power. Our primal raw. When we lift the serpentine veil from the truth, we see the Patriarchal propaganda that shows her banished and driven out for what it is.

We see the wisdom and blessings of this Goddess and see the powerful symbolism in Her true and ancient mythos, as well as in the later “histories” of Her. We must remember that when these Patriarchal myths were created, the purpose and intention was to strip Lilith of Her power, to malign Her wild primal spirit into something malevolent, and to serve as a warning to women of ancient time and after that to be Lilith-like was to risk exile, abandonment censure, or worse. It was an express warning of power-over, and a command to “lie beneath.”

But we are Her daughters, and beneath our power is not where we belong—nor where we will remain.

An excerpt from "Lilith—Sacred Sovereignty of the Womanspirit" in the upcoming Original Resistance anthology.

Nuit Moore is a witch and priestess whose work and temple serve the Goddess and Her return to the collective consciousness, focusing especially on the empowerment of women, the return of the Goddess temple, and the potent medicine of her path and teachings. Although she comes from mystic traditions from both sides of her bloodline, she began her personal path as priestess in the Dianic and Wise Woman traditions, and is also an ordained priestess with the Fellowship of Isis. Nuit has offered classes and ceremony on female wicce, women’s rites/rights, the harvest mysteries, trance arts, wise woman ways, serpent/shakti power, ceremonial movement and sound, liminal magick and ritual theater, etc for over 25 years, and travels frequently bringing temple and ceremony to festivals and communities. She has been a visionary/channel of the menstrual mysteries and eco-menstruation movement since 1991, and is a long standing weaver of the web of women's blood mysteries. Much of her work as an eco-feminist activist is in connection with her teachings on eco-menstruation. Nuit is also a performance artist/sacred dancer, ceremonial visual artist, and founder of the Ishtar Noir Ritual Theater collective- and is the creatrix of Shakti Goddess Arts ( which carries her altar art and ceremonial offerings, wise women herbals, crystals, and her writings. Her website can be found at and she is also on Facebook at: Nuit Moore, The Scarlet Shakti and on Instagram @thescarletshakti