Friday, January 18, 2019

Permission to Fall Apart by Nina Erin Hofmeijer

Art by Liliana Kleiner

I grant you permission to fall apart.

I will make you this nest
I will tie your hair back
I will wait with you

Your heart is a stone sunk to the bottom
of the bottom
Hot and cold
a dead thing, pulsating
a thing that cannot be

Let it be that.

Your skin is coming off,
peeling and sloughing around the
coarse string you’ve used to truss
yourself, to keep your old shape,
the one we all rely on

Cut it off; shed it all

The howl that is developing
in the subterranean pockets
of your grief,
that is swirling behind your name,
a sound that is a mouth in shock at its gaping

Release it
Here. Now.

Look in the mirror of my face
See what I see:
All that you broke was already broken
See what I see:
All that you shed was no longer yours

Your renewal is centuries old,
made of the shed pieces of the
winters of your ancestors

Your storm is the honest expression of the sun:
Turning seeds to crops, turned thresh turned dust

Explosions of stardust and the wind of creation;
We are what’s left after God fell apart

An excerpt from the girl god anthology, Inanna's Ascent: Reclaiming Female Power.

Nina Erin Hofmeijer is a writer, mother, healer and mostly-gentle truth-teller living in Eugene, OR.


  1. Wow..... that poem is amazing. I really felt it. <3

  2. This is beautiful but also sad. We should all feel free to fall apart at times.

  3. Beautiful and much needed. <3