Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Twelve Steps From a Woman’s Perspective by Patricia Lynn Reilly

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Step 1: Caught in the swirl of my habits of behavior, I’ve lost touch with myself and my life has become unmanageable. I reach out for support. This is a brave action on my own behalf.

Step 2: I have come to believe in the deep wisdom of my own inner life. I stop flailing and am restored to the sanity of a loving and respectful relationship with myself.

Step 3: I turn my current situation over to the deep wisdom that flows in and through my life. One self-caring step at a time, I unravel my harmful habits of behavior and the thoughts that hold them in place.

Step 4: Turning a merciful eye toward myself, I inventory both my life-affirming and ineffective habits of behaviors, and identify the habits of thought that inspire them.

Step 5: In the company of trustworthy allies, I celebrate my life-affirming behaviors, accept responsibility for my ineffective behaviors, and make a commitment to my transformation.

Step 6: I am entirely ready to deepen my inner well-being by relinquishing negative habits of behavior and cultivating new thoughts to inspire healthier behaviors and outcomes.

Step 7: My life journey is orchestrated by my own inner wisdom. In the fullness of time, I am transformed at a deeper level of my being. I actively participate in this process.

Step 8: Certain that I love myself, I welcome clarity in my relationships. I acknowledge those who were hurt by my ineffective habits of behavior.

Step 9: Having forgiven myself, I take active responsibility by making amends to those I harmed except when to do so would further injure them or others.

Step 10: Choosing to be present in my own life, I acknowledge the gifts and challenges of the day, celebrate my life-affirming behaviors, and take responsibility for my ineffective ones.

Step 11: Through mindful reflection, I place myself in the stream of wisdom flowing through my life. I make conscious contact with my truest self and clearest thought.

Step 12: Having had an awakening as a result of these Steps, I practice these principles in all my affairs by living in harmony with my deepest wisdom, truest self, and clearest thought.

from A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman’s Perspective by Patricia Lynn Reilly.


  1. Just today I had the clear realization that the 12 Steps were caught in duality and patriarchy and I was finding it difficult to relate to them for assistance anymore. This woman's perspective has opened them back up for me and provided a way for me to continue my journey with them. Thank you

    1. Love, light, peace and healing to you on your journey.

    2. I love the words but my brain won't follow I welcome the change and when I was there I was the happiest I have ever been but my brain and body defies me. I feel as if my world as in my body and soul is ruled by a demon. And my already demented brain keeps happiness away from me.

  2. Yes, these are the steps I follow today, sprung from a firm foundation in AA, I had to reconcile my own wisdom with that wisdom that has saved many like me.

  3. This is brilliant. The world, and this program needs to evolve and these are written beautifully towards that end.

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL. And just what I needed today. Thank you!

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL. And just what I needed today.

  6. 'The Little Book' has a whole lot of wonderful versions for those who find the original limiting or old fashioned. Can be downloaded via iBooks or other places.

  7. I'm very exited about this book...The 12 steps grabbed me as something I can learn from. thank you for sharing.