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You Are Inanna by DeAnna L'am

Abundant Inanna by Nuit Moore

On the day of your first Moon Blood – you were re-born as Inanna: She who travels between the worlds...

On your first Moon—you begun to journey with Her, through Her, as Her. When your Blood started flowing—Inanna took your hand and became your Guide for the journey: down into the Underworld, and back again. Every Moon, every Month -- for years to come... On that day—you became a Cyclical Being, guided by the Moon: expanding and contracting, descending and ascending... Anew with each cycle.

Inanna calls you to embody Her monthly. She leads the way through the darkness, if you only follow:
As your womb prepares to shed its inner lining, like a snake shedding its skin, it’s time to go inward. Inanna is preparing you for the journey down into the Underworld, into the realm where intuition rules, where fluidity is the meandering path. This is your MoonTime: time to leave linearity behind, to turn off the light of reason, to surrender to the unknown, and to trust. Inanna’s torch is shining in the dark. Can you follow it’s trail?

Veil by veil she strips you of the month that has just ended. It's time to let go of the cycle that’s gone. Release its joys and its disappointments. Don’t clingon to what could-have sprouted but didn’t... Don’t hold-on to the fruits you have harvested... Each interrupted seedling carries a teaching. Each juicy fruit holds nectar that feeds you. As you begin your descent into the underworld stop to savor each: the sting of the teaching and the sweetness of the fruit. Then, take time to release them all. To bury the withered leaves, the fading petals, and the remains of the fruit that nourished you. Take them off like jewelry. Approach the underworld lighter and lighter, as you shed one layer after another.

Enter the underworld naked, like Inanna. With no expectations, no pride, no plans. Only your true essence can pass through this gateway. Only your naked heart can meet Ereshkigal—your counterpart: She who is shaped by Change.

Ereshkigal invites you to mourn with her, in the darkness, for all the aborted projects, the interrupted blooms, the pain that was caused by the world—to you or to other living beings. This darkened Underworld cavern is where you can safely cry… moan… lament… This is where the Great Mother can hold you in her arms and gently rock you. Your pain belongs here. You can’t take this pain back with you, into the coming cycle, or it will bog you down and keep you in the Underworld. Let yourself feel it to its fullness, in order for it to dissolve. Let yourself experience the pain, and the Great Mother will comfort you.

It will take as long as it takes: An hour. A day. Your entire bleeding period. Or an instant. Your womb is calling you to tend to her, as she sheds her inner lining, as she bleeds the blood of life, as she releases another cycle.

Once Ereshkigal’s sorrow is consumed, your pain will subside. It will give way to hope. It will make room for the New to come in: new ideas, fresh initiatives, brand new projects. A new cycle is being born. It’s time to begin your departure from the Underworld. Adorn yourself with new veils and new jewels, as you trace the steps that brought you here, ascending back into your daily life.

Clad yourself with hope, as Inanna leads the way to a fresh new beginning. Gather new seeds to plant in the coming month. Grow them in the new cycle, and foster them into flowers and fruits as the cycle unfolds.

The new cycle will bring unimaginable gifts. Some sweet, some not. But you will not be swept out of orbit by one, nor crushed to the ground by the other, for you know the cycles repeat every Moon. Each Moon will bring an opportunity to plant again, to harvest and to bury, with Inanna at your guide!

You are Inanna. You expand and contract with the moon. You descend into the underworld to mourn, to shed, and to release. You leave behind what doesn’t serve you. You surrender to the Great Mother’s love and comfort. You gather your courage and strength, and you ascend again. And again. Every month. For you are a woman. You are a cyclical being. You are a spiral dance!

An excerpt from Inanna's Ascent.

DeAnna L'am is fondly known as ‘Womb Visionary.’ DeAnna is a motivational speaker, workshop leader, author, and a trailblazer who defined the last missing pieces in women's psyche today: harnessing the spiritual forces hidden in both Menstruation and Menopause. DeAnna has been leading workshops, and certifying facilitators, nationally and internationally for over 30 years.

She is author of: Becoming Peers - Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood and A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period. Founder of: Red Tents In Every Neighborhood – Global Network; Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™; WOMB WISDOM Tribe, and International Red Tent Day (celebrated globally on November 8). Visit DeAnna at:

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