Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom

A remarkable collection of essays, poems, and art by scholars who have researched Her, artists who have envisioned Her, women who have known Her in their personal story—and combinations of all those capacities. All have spoken with Her and share something of their communion in this anthology.

Several of the pieces have been excerpted on this blog.

Table of Contents

Joan Marler

Mother Medusa: Regenerative One
Glenys Livingstone PhD

Ceremonial Headpiece Invoking Ancient Medusa
Glenys Livingstone PhD

Medusa: Ferocious and Beautiful, Petrifying and Healing:Through the Words of the Ancients
Miriam Robbins Dexter PhD

The Gorgon Medusa
Sudie Rakusin

What Happened to You, Medusa?
Barbara Ardinger, PhD

Ave Medusa
Jeanne K. Raines

Medusa: When the Soldiers
Susan Hawthorne

Calling Medusa In
Jane Meredith

Lizzie Yee

To Stand Witness
Teri Uktena

See No Evil
Caroline Alkonost

Medusa: The Invitation
Maureen Owen

Sisterhood is Subversive
Diane Goldie

Till We Have Bodies
Kaalii Cargill

Medusa's Nappy Dreads
Luisah Teish

Fearless Protector: a Self-Portrait
Alyscia Cunningham

Medusa, Athena, Sophia: the Fierceness of Wisdom Justice
Bonnie Odiorne, AW, PhD

Janet Guastavino

Marija K.
Jack K. Jeansonne

Those Who Do Not Fear
Marija Krstic

Medusa’s Hairdresser
Penny-Anne Beaudoin

Medusa, My Mother and Me
Barbara C. Daughter

My Name is Medusa
Arna Baartz

MEDUSA GODDESS: Up Close and Personal
Marie Summerwood

Sicilian Tambourine
Susan Hawthorne

Susan Hawthorne

Pythic Portals
Nuit Moore

Adorations For Medusa
Rev. Angela Kunschmann

Pegasus as a Symbol of Transcendence
Arna Baartz

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
C. Loran Hills

Medusa on Big Tree
Glenys Livingstone PhD

How You Can Reattach Medusa's Head
Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

Medusa’s Vindication (it will be the mirror)
Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Medusa's Mask (shield) of Righteous Rage
Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Medusa's Mask of Righteous Rage
Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Medusa’s Hall of Mirrors
Leslene della-Madre

Susan Hawthorne

Winged Beast
Caroline Alkonost

Medusa: Wisdom of the Crone Moon
Theresa Curtis Ph.D.

Medusa Resume
Marie Summerwood

Medusa’s Stunning Powers Reflected in Literature
Dr. Gillian M.E.(dusa) Alban

Kahlo Medusa
Meg Dreyer

Making Amends with Medusa
Dawn Glinski

Snakes Aren't Mean!
Arna Baartz

Mother Medusa
Elizabeth Oakes Ph.D.

The Medusa Imaginal
Pegi Eyers

Re-visioning Medusa: A Personal Odyssey
Sara Wright

Museo Massimo
Susan Hawthorne

Medusa and Athena: Ancient Allies in Healing Women’s Trauma
Laura Shannon

Medusa Self-Portrait
Liliana Kleiner

Re-stor(y)ing Sanity
Trista Hendren

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Scheduled for publication June 20, 2017.

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