Thursday, June 15, 2017

Medusa’s Vindication (it will be the mirror) by Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Art by Nuit Moore

from the imprisonment of her violation
vipers crowning the exile hiss
a fury that can never
be captured

devouring her dementing well beyond
the sanity of rage, banished
of innocence, her revenge poised
to strike; hunted becomes the hunter

clever one's journey
seeking renown, eager to vanquish
the scorned woman that becomes the gorgon
withering the bravest

it will be the mirror, holding truth
to their lie; the sword its servant
releasing its prey from the sins
of the fathers

ransomed to their shame, she hears
the wing-beats of the white
horse, sprung from her spilt
vindication draining away…

bearing her far beyond vengeance
leaving those who do not mourn
burning to possess the purity
of the Pegasus ascending

©Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis, an excerpt from the upcoming girl god anthology, Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom.

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