Saturday, December 31, 2016

Save the Children by Shamecca Long

"By Any Means...Homage to Harriet Tubman" by Alyscia Cunningham

I am not afraid of these conversations.
As a matter of fact,
I'm armed.
Weaving a weaponry of
Voice detonating hiding places.
You will not find solace
In silenced homes.
Broken heart.
Single parent shame.
There's a name for women like me.
Women who've swallowed
Their tongues
To allow their mothers to live.
Women whose bodies
Become wasteland.
Punching bag.
For the men who never become men.
I am waiting for you.
I have a daughter.
I am waiting for you.
I have a daughter.
It is waiting for you.
Near my daughter.
Nestled where you slip into dreams.
Prepared to split your body open
Should your mind
Desire the innocence
I have been robbed of.

-Shamecca Long, an excerpt from Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy

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