Monday, August 29, 2016

Single mother, single daughter by Karen McLaughlin

Art by Arna Baartz

just us two
she and me
no awkward third in our skippy-hop dance

parenting requires partnership
one child
one adult

we seesaw
fulcrumed by our mutual dependance
she, my sun; I, her earth

our jokes bewilder them
our made-to-measure language lands as gibberish
our clear collusion confuses

holding the wild and safe space for each other
we are
unaccountable (except to ourselves)
free-range (queens of the snuggle zone)
creators (making the world we need)

unwitting rebels

daring to be

without a he

Karen McLaughlin is a homeschooling mother, writer and singer from Northern Ireland, currently flying her kite in the winds of Donegal. She enjoys mooning the patriarchy, conversing with trees and spending quality time with her very needy sofa.

An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for a peek into the gorgeous, joyful intimacy of a mother and daughter navigating the world together.

  2. Knowing both mother and daughter and sometimes basking in the glow of their clear collusion, this poem resonnates even more so - beatiful expression of a beautiful harmony. nb

  3. I adore this!! I'm actually going to print it & put it on my kitchen wall.... <3