Friday, July 29, 2016

Adorations For Medusa by Rev Angela Kunschmann

I hear the hissing before I see you
Such a lovely face
Framed by slender creatures
Snapping and hissing
Protecting you
Readying you for transition
A transition into power
That special womanly power

I see your beauty where others see anger
An otherworldy beauty that is a wonder to behold
I see your beauty in your strength
In your passion
In that special womanly power
I do not turn to stone
Like men who freeze in the presence of womanly strength
I do not run in fear
Like men who cannot appreciate your power
I do not arm myself
Like men who fear what they cannot control

Dear, sweet Medusa
May I find my own creatures to protect me
To ready me for transition
To step into my own womanly power.
May I continue to share the glories of You.

By Rev Angela Kunschmann, an excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom.

Angela Kunschmann is an ordained Priestess at Mother Grove Goddess Temple of Asheville NC and a proud devotee of Freyja. She enjoys a close relationship with Mother Mary, Frau Holle, Baba Yaga and Heimdall. She also teaches various workshops at Raven & Crone in Asheville, NC and is preparing to volunteer at the hospital to sit vigil with lonely and dying. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor sports and hiking with her 3 children, and knits.

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