Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Inner Child by Arna Baartz

There is nothing more personally powerful in my experience than becoming aware of your inner child and taking steps to connect with and express yourself from a child's joyful, creative perspective.

I have discovered the power of visiting with my inner child using creative visualization. By sinking into my imagination and asking questions like 'Who AM I?'…'How do you feel little Arna?'…'What do you need?'…I have made
profound progress in my spontaneous thinking and gained insight into what steps I can take to awaken further.

The results have been astounding. I have felt calmer emotionally, less reactionary, and more at one with my body physically. I have also been able to be more patient with my own children and more inspired to pursue my passions.

My most recent inner child experience has been with the angry four-year-old. Memories surfaced which clearly showed my frustration in trying to communicate – and the belief that ensued that I was not being heard. I could see how this was playing out in my current experience.

I relaxed in the bath and visualised my little self. I held her and soothed her and gave her treasures to keep. I let my train of thought flow. I gave her a red button to press if ever she needed me and I promised I would always be in her heart.

Each day I imagine my little self and smile – and as a result I continue to react less and paint more!

As children we listen to and watch our parents and caregivers so intently for signs of acceptance and approval. Yet they are human too and unable to fulfill these desires adequately.

The only way to find the support, acceptance, and approval we really need is through our connection to our inner being, the source of everything – to trust in a proper deep connection to the energy of life that flows through all things.

I do believe the process of awakening to and loving your little child self will reveal the doorway to a new perspective on life – one that holds the love we have been seeking, that opens paths of enthusiasm leading to the fulfillment of your dreams!
-Arna Baartz, an excerpt from The Creative Warrior: A Colouring Journal for Adults to awaken the Creative Child, out next month!  

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Arna Baartz  is a painter, writer/poet, martial artist, educator and mother to eight fantastic children. She has been expressing herself creatively for 44 years and finds it to be her favourite way of exploring her inner being enough to evolve positively in an externally focused world. Arna’s artistic and literary expression is her creative perspective of the stories she observes playing out around her. Claims to fame: Arna has been selected for major art prizes and won a number of awards, published books and (her favourite) was used as a 'paintbrush' at the age of two by well known Australian artist John Olsen. Arna lives and works from her bush studio in the Northern Rivers, NSW Australia.
See more of her work at: Art of Kundalini

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