Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Importance of Chakras and Self-Care by Tamara Albanna

Painting by Arna Baartz

After becoming very ill suddenly in January of 2015, I realize that my spiritual practice needed an upgrade.

I was having sudden and severe spikes in blood pressure and my pulse was dangerously high. Then, during an EKG I suffered a severe panic attack, it had been so many years since I last had one, I forgot what it felt like. I was convinced I was dying, in that doctor’s office with my older son witnessing the whole thing…

After being placed on medication, (lots of medication), to calm my heart rate and nerves, the numbers started to go down and the doctors were happy with the progress. I however, was not.

I couldn’t imagine a life on medication, there had to be a better way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for the medical care I received, and I was very lucky to have an amazing doctor who believed that holistic methods could augment medical science. So we agreed, I would keep taking the medicine until she was happy with my health, but I would also seek out other ways, so I could be happy with myself.

I immediately went in for a Reiki attunement. It was something I had been discussing for months, and realized it was time to go for it. It was a deeply healing and transformative session. The clearing and healing of my chakras was something I felt deeply. My energetic body needed to flow and merge with my physical body; it was the only way I could hope for meaningful and long-term recovery.

I believe very deeply that physical ailments are connected with imbalanced chakras. In my case, it was my heart chakra. Just a month prior to my medical episode, a friend betrayed me, and I didn’t take it well, clearly. Now it wasn’t all due to that one situation, but I believe that this was the tipping point.

Chakras are so very important to look after, our bodies always communicate to us, but sometimes we don’t listen until it’s too late. We can prevent so many illnesses if we just took the time to be good to ourselves, women especially are always giving, and rarely to themselves. Self-care is vital and sacred.

-Tamara Albanna

Tamara Albanna is a Reiki healer and Tarot reader who utilizes different modalities to help others on their own spiritual journey.  You can connect with her at
She currently resides in Vienna, Austria with her family. 

Email Tamara for a free copy of her e-book Chakra Healing with Crystals at

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