Monday, April 11, 2016

My Name is Medusa by Glenys Livingstone

I'm pleased to unveil the next Girl God publication! Glenys Livingstone and Arna Bartz have teamed up to present Glenys' wonderful story about Medusa!

This is the story of the greatly misunderstood Goddess, including why she likes snakes. 'My name is Medusa' explores the "scary" dark side, the potency of nature and the importance of dreams.

Arna Baartz gorgeously illustrates this tale by Glenys Livingstone, teaching children (big and small) that our power often lies in what we have been taught to fear and revile. 

"Medusa was “once a solar divinity, a great goddess whose very name means ‘ruler of humanity’”: that is part of the significance of Her snake hair … they twist and turn like Sun’s rays: isn’t it obvious once you have seen it?" -Glenys Livingstone

Available May 2016.  Pre-order here.

To find out more about Medusa, read "Medusa: Sister, Mother, Abyss - Mirror" by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. here.

Illustration by Arna Baartz

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