Thursday, March 3, 2016

Find your roots, your origin by Giulia Essyad

Painting by Arna Baartz
I cannot be stopped, I have such crazy faith
little humanoid stated
To the grey walls of a Cité
a forgotown of sterile grids
and How she rubbed her Womb,
how she felt it turn
and turn and shape like a potter,
a Womb can birth a lot of things,
Magic is only knowing so.

Every month you will birth a room
a river or a brick or salt
yes A woman can birth the world
not break the grid - but overgrow
All the futile man-try remnants
with no regard to the city -
Her deep gaze joyfully greeting
All the Newborn 
and dying Worlds. 
By Giulia Essyad 
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