Monday, January 11, 2016


Painting by Cheryl Braganza

Go on child!!/ Dance children/Dance/ Vogue it out/
I am dancing/shouting now/ Stomping in my white tee/
but/ silent is power/ so I write

In the mooring/ let's have church in woods when I rise/
Near the maroon's/ Florida's swamp lakes/Lay low sun children/
Close to the EARTH/ she has PMS/ The belly of the beast is rumbling/
Somebody will get feed today/
So/ this ain't going to be pretty/

Get the hot water bottles out/
Clean her wounds of all surface pains/
Wash her topsoil of all human toxicity/
Stop with the manure/ It’s not helpful at this time/
Firetilize her with any medium in which to help
growth and development/

Feed the love she needs/gives daily/
Give Sweet Honey/But
Gold makes a solid connection/

Assist us to stay humble/

It's like yoga/
I Ching/


May the blessings come/May they rain down on us
while the animals gather in her name/Sing them blessing
into the light as we always did/ As we always do/ Dance/
Dance / Vogue it out, sun children

To the borderlands/over the fences/across the deserts/
through the woods/in the swamps/on the raff
to the other side/Yeah, that's it/

We memorized the footprints without land
this time/ On the move to higher ground/
can’t you hear them/ They are coming
with black veils on their faces/rage in their eyes
Blood on their hands/wisdom on their backs/
bellies full of memories lost

They are coming/with walking feet/feet walking/
Walking feet/feet walking/walking feet
Slightly they move not to disturb the living dead but
They’re coming

Can't you hear them/ the Haitians are coming
the South Africans are coming/the Georgians and the
Palestinians are coming/ The Cubans are coming/The
Mexicans are coming too and they are all coming
to have dinner with you

“Ding DONG”

So, Sweep your welcome mats/
Set the table with your best white Linen/
light the sage with black candles burning
cause they are ALL coming/

I would like to call on the Orishas/ * May Legba open
the gates to this invocation/ CALLING: Oya/ Yemaya/ Oshun/
Please guide our hearts/Our souls/ Our movements/
Our financial literacy/ Our consciousness/ Our pens
So that we the people may do right by the Ancestors/

I am giving clam water to drink from/ I'm asking that
our paths and homes be refreshed in any part of the world
where we are standing on troubled land and raging waters/
For we are dancing in your name MOTHER/


By Poet On Watch

An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess.

"Do you know why some text sticks to your soul, plays havoc with your perceptions of love, life and truth; while others fall short, leaving you unsatisfied and wanting? Because truth is always provocative & truth is always sexy & truth is always sorrowful & joyous & lusty & hard & righteously angry & poignantly childlike & truth is always heart breakingly beautiful & truth, divine truth, is the chosen path of Poet On Watch, a human being struggling with heart, mind, soul, spirit, & loins to be & see & sing & share the truth in all its kaleidoscopic intensity, in all its fervent aching to manifest the power of revolutionary love—love, the most radical act of all. This is Poet On Watch." – Ric Williams, Editor of Litera for the Austin Chronicle and award-winning author of the Secret Book Of God

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