Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Whatever Works Giveaway!

To celebrate the birth of our second Girl God Anthology in February we are offering several ways to get the first one for free!

"The magic of this anthology of women is in its radical reflection that “we are every woman,” and women are NOT the same. We do not need to pretend to sameness in order to express what is most essential about us-that is-our very existence, and our engaged faith experiences.

This unique collection has the powerful capacity to remind us of the awe and beauty in diversity without itself becoming a sort of pop culture of Self worship. Each of these stories is True, and each is intimately connected to the lives of the women telling them. Read deeply. Enjoy. Then, tell your own story. That is what this volume invites you to do. I did and I am already a better person for it." - Dr. Amina Wadud

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