Monday, January 25, 2016

Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess: A sneak peak at the Table of Contents!

I am pleased to announce the Table of Contents for Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess.

Over 35 International contributors reflect on finding Goddess within (and without) Christianity and Islam.

Trista Hendren

Chapter One: The Opening to Her Wisdom 
Noor-un-Nisa Gretasdottirr

Paradise Cafe
Marilyn McFarlane

A borrowed rib: Eve as unholy afterthought
Dominique Christina

My Journey
Tamara Albanna

Since the Beginning of Time
Anna Ruiz

The 99 Names: Allah is not He or She
Dr. Amina Wadud

The Sisterhood of the Misunderstood Jesus
Monette Chilson

Her Life Speech
Noor-un-nisa Gretasdottir

The Centrality of the Divine Feminine in Sufism
Laurence Galian

She is Coming
Kelly Stewart Hall

I Want My Insides Back
Trista Hendren

The Path of the Goddess
Lisa Artis

I Am Isis, I Am Sophia...
Wynn Manners

A Cross-cultural Feminist Alchemy: Studying Mago, Pan-East Asian Great Goddess, Using Mary Daly’s Radical Feminism as Springboard

Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

Why, as a Muslim Woman, I’m Grateful for My Body
Kim Mohiuddin

holy cards: st. justa and st. rufina
Penny-Anne Beaudoin

The Piggly Wiggly and the Black Madonna
Mary Saracino

Anna Ruiz

A Different Path to Truth
Susan Morgaine

The Radicals Meet
Marilyn McFarlane

Who is Maryam, and What is Her Story?

Shehnaz Haqqani

The Burden of Eden
Rachael Patterson

And the Congregation Said...
Poet On Watch

The Wounded Goddess: The History of Sarah and Hagar From a Feminist Outlook
Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

An Elephant Bears Witness

Susannah Gregan

From Jesus Son of God to Jesus Wisdom
Bonnie Odiorne, Ph.D.

Can You Kill the Spirit? What Happened to Female Imagery for God in Christian Worship?
Carol P. Christ, Ph.D.

The Word According to Patty Kay
Patty Kay

Exodus 1980 Revisited
Glenys Livingstone, Ph.D.

Her Love Knows No Boundaries

Wynn Manners

Self-Empowerment through the Divine Feminine
Nicola O’Hanlon

Inside Allah, The One Divine Mother and The Conscience of Islam
Shahla Khan Salter

Our Mother – In Heaven
Marianne Widmalm

Radicalizing the Sacred Feminine

Victoria A. Brownworth

Fatimah as Divine Creator, Wisdom and Light
Noor-un-Nisa Gretasdottir

We Must Choose Wisely
Mary Petiet

Will the Real Isis Please Come Forth?
Anna Ruiz

In Goddess We Trust
Andrew Gurevich

Fasting from Patriarchy: Interfaith Ramadan from a Struggling Muslim-Feminist Perspective
Trista Hendren

Eve, cast out
Donna Snyder

Fuck Abraham
Liona Rowan

When I Rise in the Mooring!
Poet On Watch

A Goddess Advocate Talks About Jesus
Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

The Celebration
Marilyn McFarlane

Peace and the Dianic Sufi
Rev. Nano Boye Nagle

She Who Changes
Carol P. Christ. Ph.D.

Your Soul
Anna Ruiz

Edited by Trista Hendren, Pat Daly and Noor-un-nisa Gretasdottir.

Cover Art by Arna Baartz

Scheduled for publication 2/14/16.

Pre-order your copy here.

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