Thursday, January 21, 2016

And the Congregation Said... By Poet On Watch

Talk not of wasted affection, but
remember the mornings, remember the
sweetness of that honey talk that pours
into everything, remember the land, remember
the chirping of the Angels, the bird songs,
my spirit and the spirits of others when we 
talk of and about love.

It is essential that our love be liberating,
not possessive. Love cannot be modified
without being nullified and I stand to be a
witness, in the truest form of my highest
divine being, that I feel the warmth of our
blood that flows through my veins in sacrifice
of everything that we deem to be love everyday.

After a hot day and some passion, I breathe love
in as we breathe in the air and you cannot touch
either. It just is, a gift that allows you to be
present. Love something, 
return to something you
love, even yourself and be awesome today --

By Poet On Watch

An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess.

"Do you know why some text sticks to your soul, plays havoc with your perceptions of love, life and truth; while others fall short, leaving you unsatisfied and wanting? Because truth is always provocative & truth is always sexy & truth is always sorrowful & joyous & lusty & hard & righteously angry & poignantly childlike & truth is always heart breakingly beautiful & truth, divine truth, is the chosen path of Poet On Watch, a human being struggling with heart, mind, soul, spirit, & loins to be & see & sing & share the truth in all its kaleidoscopic intensity, in all its fervent aching to manifest the power of revolutionary love—love, the most radical act of all. This is Poet On Watch." – Ric Williams, Editor of Litera for the Austin Chronicle and award-winning author of the Secret Book Of God

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  1. bravo, an interesting an involving read.... thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to enjoy.

    2. Thank you for taking the time out to enjoy.

  2. always an interesting read - thanks for sharing :)