Monday, December 21, 2015

Top New Age Bullying Techniques by Sara Sophia Eisenman

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

1) If something "negative" happens to you, it's because you created it.
2) If you encounter someone/something aggressive/violent, it's because it's in YOU (mirror theory).
3) If you feel a need to defend yourself, it's because you're "in your ego."
4) If you are experiencing anger/outrage/sadness/grief, it's because you are "low vibration."

Attention New Age bullies: YOU ARE STILL BULLIES, no different than any other. High falutin' spiritual speak does NOT make you holy or smart. Your games are shallow, and obvious. They are just a tedious repeat of the same old dogma of sin and shame that have been peddled for millennia. They are false.

And I will do my part to make them obvious to anyone who may be targeted by them, so that they can more easily find the clarity to tell you: to go suck an egg.

-Sara Sophia Eisenman


  1. Yes. This. I have always called them "Neo-Calvinists."

  2. How do you suggest responding without coming across as a bully yourself?