Sunday, December 6, 2015

Solstice Celebration for Mothers, Daughters and more!

Neighborhood Winter Solstice Celebration 2013 / Portland, Oregon

Please join me in celebrating the 2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration with a special program for Mothers and Daughters on Tuesday, December 15th 9pm PST.

This episode will explore how to bring alive Goddess traditions, spirituality and activism with our daughters (young or old). We have pre-recorded a lively conversation between me and Katharine Krueger of Journey of Young Women - and special guests Gina Loughrige  and Jody Kalpernos.

I will speak specifically to the mother-daughter relationship and how to foster Goddess traditions with your daughter as she grows into a woman. We will incorporate the wisdom of each of our guests into the conversation.

Neighborhood Winter Solstice Celebration 2014

Katherine will speak to collectively  mothering and mentoring  our daughters.  Her perspective applies to parenting, but more broadly and potently to all the things that the collective sisterhood does to help girls  and all genders respect and honor our bodies, our bleeding, our sexuality, the Earth.  Katharine will also speak to goddess-y things like collaborative (as opposed to hierarchical or competitive) initiatives and so on which Starhawk works tirelessly for.

Even if you don't have a daughter or any children - and even if you're not a worshiper of the Goddess - you can be part of helping the next generation embody facets of what the Goddess offers.
Tune in to our pre-recorded cozy conversation from our homes around the world. Join us for a cup of tea and lots of love and wisdom.

The show will air on Tuesday, December 15th at 9pm PST here.  You can also listen in any time after that throughout the Nine Day Solstice Celebration.

Also, to celebrate The Girl God children's books will be FREE on Amazon Kindle from 12/15-18th!!  Come back on those days to download The Girl God, Mother Earth and Tell Me Why for free!

About the Guests:

Katharine Krueger of Journey of Young Women

Katharine Krueger is the Founding Director of Journey of Young Women, whose mission is to empower girls, support parents, and train women to mentor girls, lead Girls’ Circles and offer Coming of Age Circles to girls.

Find her on Facebook on Journey of Young Women and Occupy Menstruation.  Check out her Mentoring Girls Certificate Training here.

Gina Loughrige
Gina Loughrige co-leads the Maiden Discovery Circle, a two year Coming of Age Circle whose culminating ceremony was recently filmed by Warrior Films in collaboration with Journey of Young Women. She raises four children in Fort Collins, CO, USA

Jody Kalpenos
Jody Kalpernos is the author of "Finding Freedom… Finding Me," a story of personal healing that invites every woman to explore her shadow and love who she is - and to imagine a world where children are raised and mentored to embrace their Whole Selves. She raises two sons in Melbourne, Australia.

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