Monday, December 14, 2015

New Love: a reprogramming toolbox for undoing the knots is NOW AVAILABLE!

I am proud to announce my latest book, New Love: a reprogramming toolbox for undoing the knots, co-written and illustrated by Arna Baartz!

New Love is now available on Amazon, where we have already received some wonderful reviews!

"A must have for women all over the world!
This book is phenomenal. It is something that I will treasure always. The time I spent with this, the thirty days of magic, beauty, tears and love, are something I will carry with me for many years to come. I will be gifting New Love to my family and friends, and do my best to make sure that women everywhere have access to this. If you are ready to have your heart and soul broken open and allow the light and healing to come flooding in, then this is for you."

"An essential resource for self-healing
Magical artwork combined with spell-binding quotes, this book is an essential resource for women of all ages ready and willing to untangle themselves from the toxic ties that bind them, and weave stronger connections to their self, and our worldwide community- past, present, and future. Informative and inspirational articles, and comprehensive website and book lists make this work a tool-kit to be treasured."

There is also an inexpensive PDF version of the book available on my website.

Enter to win a FREE copy on Goodreads through December 15th!

Book Description:

New Love is a powerful combination of emotional/spiritual techniques, art and inspiring words for women who wish to move away from patriarchal thought. This empowering 30-day journal-style program will help you take a gentle next step into a true and open heart.

This reprogramming toolbox combines the wisdom of intentional visual art and inspiring words from authors such as Audre Lorde, Andrea Dworkin, Alice Walker, Mary Daly and Ellen Bass. New Love includes a mixture of compelling thoughts and suggestions for each day, along with a “toolbox” to help you change the parts of your life you want to heal. You will be guided and loved into seeing your truth more clearly.

New Love is perfect for women who feel a little stuck, uncertain, or in need of focus and support. This book will work effectively as an individual handbook or can be used in supported women's circles via the New Love Group on Facebook.

Our hope is that thousands of women will work through this toolbox together for New Year 2016. 
Arna Baartz with New Love!



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