Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trees, like Radical Women, are most strongly bonded to each other in their roots - Mary Daly

"Many women express a sense of identity and/or communication with trees.

The intuition that women are like trees in our Rootedness was inspired by a letter from Io Ax, in which she commented that trees communicate with each other from root to root. They are Radical! So also women radically communicate with each other.

The closeness between women and trees becomes more evident when we consider other aspects of Rootedness. It has commonly been observed that trees are difficult to uproot when their roots are deeply and widely intertwined with those of other trees. That is, the trees, like Radical Women, are most strongly bonded to each other in their roots They "hold on to each other."

Another important aspect of Radicalness is manifested in certain trees, whose roots--even after the trees have been cut down--continue to grow/travel. From these traveling roots new trees can continue to sprout. Similarly, Feminist Foresisters who have been cut down by the patriarchs continue to be Radically Here with us--in their writings, in the recorded examples of their personal and political Feminist Acts, and through the exercise of their Elemental Presentiating Powers.

Clearly the more Radical/Rooted women are, the more adeptly we can stand our ground, expand our ground. It becomes more and more obvious to those who chose to move in this direction that we can never become "too Radical." -Mary Daly, QUINTESSENCE: Realizing the Archaic Future A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto


  1. But of course! The words originate in the same "root" word in English and Spanish and others, root, raices, radical, the pungent radish that wakes the tongue from slumber. All praise to the great Mary Daly, in whose debt we shall forever labor. (My autocorrect wanted to change her last name to gadfly, maybe it's smarter than I give it credit.)

    Thank you, Trista.