Saturday, November 21, 2015


"Winter Queen" by Jassy Watson

Yeshua Upon Sophia:

Goddess, Herself, hibernates in the deepest reaches of human souls.
So only those who plunge the deepest into knowing *themselves*
can begin to know, truly, Her Mysteries.

Without His Lady, without Wisdom,
even God cannot know Himself.
To not know Himself
in the deepest Love She Is
is for God to remain ignorant
of All that is of Deepest Importance.

Once again... the world *must*
rise of out its own Darkest Ages
of ignorance of Her, to return
to the Loving Paradise
of knowing Her Presence
that Eden truly *return* again
for *everyone*. This can *only* happen
when love for Goddess is *real* --
when humans, once again, truly
love Goddess as the True God loves Her.
Her Teachings are the Way to Spiritual *Freedom*!

All those vast stores of Her Wisdom remain
untapped, unknown by a superficially religious
& ignorant man(un)kind. All the vastitudes
of Her Motherly Love remain hidden to eyes
that choose to remain blind to Her,
pretending "Nothing is wrong" in
denying Her very Existence, yet expecting
to heal *without* Her Spirit!

She is the Giving Goal,
Her Living Love knows no boundaries.
Try to catch a part of Her!

As long as you can try, try again!

~~ wynn manners
An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Jesus, Mohammad and the Goddess.

Wynn Manners is a Goddess Lover, a mystic, a poet, is somewhat idiosyncratically iconoclastic and is happy to be a psalmist for Sophia.

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