Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thank you yemaya for clearing the path.

Painting by Arna Baartz

I would like to call on the
Orishas/May Legba open the
gates to this invocation/CALLING:

Please guide our hearts/Our souls/
our movements/Our financial literacy/
Our consciousness/ Our pens

So that we the people
may do right by the Ancestors

I am giving calm water to
drink from/I’m asking that our paths/
homes and lifelines be refreshed in Haiti/
Cuba/Japan/ Uganda/Gori /New Mexico/
New Orleans/New York/ New Jersey/
Indonesian/for we are dancing in
your name MOTHER


-Poet On Watch


  1. May we do right by our ancestors ... beautiful, thank you Trista! It's a lovely and heartfelt poem ..Glad to meet you via Susanne at I look forward to reading your previous and upcoming posts as soon as time permits ...they look wonderful.

  2. p.s. how do I receive your blogs? How am I notified? At the moment I don't see how? Please advise... thanks..

    1. Thanks Susan - there is a "Follow by Email" link to the right side of this blog- should be above the calendar link!