Sunday, October 4, 2015

She is Coming by Kelly Stewart Hall

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

I AM bringing my full presence back to earth, and many won't be ready.
Because you only heard half-truths from the pulpit
Because you became afraid of your own selves,
Because you and I took what was good and holy,
and made a whore out of her ( out of us )...
I held back.

I didn't give what was possible, I didn't give My full measure.
I gave what you could handle, but that time has come to an end.

If you believe that Sophia is too much to behold,
She will blow right through your fingers.
If you believe Her voice to be like a siren you can't turn away from,
Wisdom is not for you then.
If you believe the woman Wisdom is to be neutered, buttoned up, and cross legged,
you need to get a grip...because She is coming!

She is coming, and she is fully liberated!
Fully herself.
unclothed, naked, and nuclear.
She is coming to heal this planet
And tend Her creation. She will weed out hate, She will plant ancestral seeds, She will strain Her waters,
And pulverize human waste. 

She will not bother Herself with the reasoning of men.
She will not bow down to those who resisted Her
but to the willing, will build lush gardens in once-desolate hearts.
She will teach with patience.
She will nurture and mother,
She will be larger than life itself for she contains within Her womb the very first seeds...
the very first blink of light...
She will copulate, with power. She will make love, everywhere.
She will not ask forgiveness for it, nor will She wear a scarlet letter...
Get ready, all of you
because you haven't seen anything like it.

by Kelly Stewart Hall. An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess. 

Kelly Stewart Hall is a contemplative soul, influenced by many spiritual traditions. She is a breather, lover, poet and friend. Her love is to be a companion to those going through their own becoming, to be a listener to those who are suffering, and practices being medicine to the poisons of life. She climbs trees to remember and pray, holds church in the wild, and loves her husband and three children with all her heart.

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  1. I believe you would be interested in my weed out hate campaign