Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We Must Choose Wisely By Mary Petiet

Painting by Arna Baartz

I floated in the luminescence and it hummed through me. I was weightless and timeless and surrounded by warmth. I floated until I came back slowly, and when I came back I was unable to describe the experience. It was out of context with everything I knew to that point.

We have so completely disconnected from ourselves and the energy of the divine feminine, our source, that we are hard pressed to recognize it even as we float within it.

Enlightenment, rationality, and hyper individualism have replaced feminine intuition, mysticism and connection in a culture careening toward extinction. A culture which reveres only the five senses and reviles allusion to further perception. A culture which needs to rewrite its mythologies now before it is too late as the old stories, patriarchal constructs designed to subjugate the lives of many for the profit of a few, no longer serve the multitude.

We have reached the crisis point, the point of decision, and we must choose wisely. We can choose to maintain the failing status quo as it disintegrates around us, or we can choose an entirely new path to a new future.

I worked hard to understand the luminescence and the light, the weightlessness and the connection. It spoke to me of a reality beyond modern duality, beyond good vs. evil and right vs. wrong. It took me beyond religious convention as we know it, beyond dogma and special requirement, beyond rules and regulations, to a place of indelible truth.

We are being collectively destroyed by outdated and unlivable systems of both religious and political thought. Our religious thought-Christian, Muslim and Jewish, is the product of a 4,000 year old desert experiment. The Abrahamic patriarchs burst forth from the desert vastness consumed with a dry heat. Their sterile desert wastes were far from the nurturing oases of the Great Mother. There was no room for the divine feminine in that harsh environment. The Abrahamic patriarchs overwhelmed the older life embracing mother-based belief systems with a culture of near death subjugation of the earth, its creatures, its women and children. This is the underlying root of our current personal, global and political situation. This is what we must now choose against.

When was the last time we experienced true prophecy? The last prophets gave us patriarchy. Since then our connection to the divine has seemingly ceased while mainstream religion continues to regurgitate the old destructive message. Simultaneously, current low rates of church attendance attest to the irrelevance of that message. We clearly need a new message.

I came to know the luminescence, and to welcome its descent. The luminescence is available to each of us. The luminescence is the new message. I understood it first as the god within, the internal connection we each have to the universe through the high vibrational energy of the greater self.

Perhaps the greatest truth is our connection. The cult of the individual is a destructive myth drawn from the past to threaten the future. It has gone haywire in conjunction with our outdated religious tenants and perhaps, as we witness its ever more outrageous expression in politics, the media, and the daily news, we are witnessing its death knell, the final flare up before the shift, because the cult of the individual is the untenable thing destroying us. It is causing us to cling to unsustainable lifestyles that require the destruction of the very planet to maintain. We are killing ourselves and everything else to live.

The energy of source is flowing through me right now. It is flowing through each of us right now. A deep breath and you can feel it. It is real, it is there, and it is equal opportunity energy for anyone who wants it. We can choose this energy, we can choose change.

I can identify the luminescence now. It is the inner divine, but is not the inner God. Instead, it is the Great Mother, calling us back. It is the energy of the divine feminine resurfacing in our collective culture right now because we need Her urgently. This is the energy that takes us beyond the destructive nuance of the old systems and allows us to move beyond duality, patriarchal subjugation, and hyper-individualism. It allows us to see through and beyond current power structures, it heightens our senses to the great suffering the old structures are causing, and through that pain commits us to a different, better course.

We must choose wisely. When we recognize and embrace the Great Mother, we embrace the energy of nurturing love and creation. We embrace ourselves, each other, and the planet. We become once more the creators, and we can create a new reality, we can replace the old stories with new ones, and we can each write the new ones ourselves however we are inspired. When we find that luminescence, we actually find the Goddess within and we become the prophets of here and now and the future.

By Mary Petiet

An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology: Jesus, Muhammad and The Goddess.

Mary Petiet (www.marypetiet.com) writes about current events, organic farming, local food, history and spirituality. She is a long time contributor to Edible Cape Cod Magazine, a reporter for the Enterprise Newspapers, and her work has been featured in The Manifest-Station and Parent Co. Look for her upcoming article in STIR Journal, and her book Minerva’s Owls, which reinterprets old stories in new ways to create a new future. Homebound Publications, April, 2017. Follow her on Facebook or twitter @maryblairpetiet.

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