Friday, September 25, 2015

HER LIFE SPEECH by Noor-un-nisa Gretasdottir

Allaht didn't build us into bricks with clay.
Every newborn knows It.
Along with cries at birth
are the amazing praises,
for the blossoming...
of Life from the Womb
of the Word who brings us
to Be. We are Light...Now Breathe!

Adam's earth is useless
without the flourishing of Eve.
Just imagine that moment
when they rose up like a tree-
With roots beginning before time
and fingertips touching eternity.
Dressed in the Light of the Sun.
Feel that first Divine Spark
as it suddenly went bright in both hearts.
And in union, their first prostration
to the Universe of Mercy.
Imagine the first "la ilaha ill Allaht"*

before the concept of separation.
When did it happen? This division,
into his and hers, the wandering away
that tore apart the brothers and sisters
dividing the world into enemy nations,
pushing Her out of the temples, until with no where
else to go they returned to the original place,
hidden in caves. Though this time, behaving like criminals.
they wailed. Heaving chests of women and girls,
they grieved Her, forced to kowtow to the idols of men,
believing Her lost to the patriarchal world.

Now, now...those days are over. Listen close.
Life speaks inside our veins.
Hail Shekhinah, Sophia, Hikmat, Maria!
Hail Eternal Spirit, Breath, Wisdom,Mother!
When the Lady of Light breathed Eve
into Adam, Love came to Life.
And when Adam buried Eve,
only Adam died.

And Her Word is Light, Breath, Love, Spirit, Wisdom.
She says: I breathe into your brother's body,
the Mercy he needs to feel Me within him.
I haven't forgotten, no.
Yet amazed by Grace, even sin is dhikr.
The way of revenge only builds
a shadow between the creation and Allaht again.
Echo each Word I speak; it re-members you all, My One Within.

by Noor-un-nisa Gretasdottir. An excerpt from the upcoming Girl God Anthology, Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess.

Note from the author:

HER LIFE SPEECH (heka / logos) Allaht isn’t related to the Islamic God. S/He is more like Shiva/Shakti, both necessary for Creation and Consciousness to exist on all levels.

Bricks of clay is the definition of Adam void of Eve or Shiva void of Shakti.

Biblical names typically represent an aspect of the person. Adamah in Hebrew means earth, (also related to word red). Eve or Hawwah means "living one" or "source of life" and is related to the word "haya" to live. When we look at the Creation story through the meanings of the Names vs. a literal reading of their story, Eve is the Source of Life and Being.

Dhikr means divine remembrance in Arabic.

“La ilaha ill Allah” for a Sufi means “There is not reality but Divine Reality”. For me, as a Universal Sufi, the Truth appears in “La ilaha ill Allaht”.