Wednesday, September 16, 2015

About holy cards: dead women talking

If given one more chance to tell their stories, what would they say, the holy women of the distant and not so distant past? What would St. Agatha say about her encounter with St. Peter when he appeared in her prison cell to restore her breasts amputated during torture? What would St. Margaret the Barefoot tell us about how she struggled to remain true to her religion while suffering abuse at the hands of her husband? How did St. Teresa of Avila feel about the relic of her right hand ending up on the bedside table of Generalissimo Franco? Did Angela of Foligno feel any remorse after praying for the deaths of her children, husband, and mother? What did the martyrs Thea and Valentina whisper to each other before they were burned alive, their bodies bound together? And what did St. Cunegundes think about being forced to undergo trial by fire to prove her fidelity?

holy cards: dead women talking is a collection of narrative poems focusing on the histories and legends of women saints from both the Eastern Orthodox and Roman traditions. The poems are interwoven with contemporary themes of women’s place in religion and society, female sexuality, violence against women, and the evolution of a uniquely feminine Christian spirituality.
You can order a personally inscribed copy of holy cards: dead women talking, for $10 (CAN) plus postage at 

Published by Black Moss Press, 2009.

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